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"When In Doubt, Choose 'C'..."

This is a test. If you're reading this, you're really wasting your time because it hasn't actually been "created" for public consumption just yet. But, it'll be up shortly.

I started this because I've been wanting to create one anyways. They're the latest rage....entertainers have them. So do the guys on the local A.M. news as well as politicians, skateboarders, pro athletes, musicians...eff it, why can't I have one as well? I'm a star so it's warranted.

This won't be a thorough examination of anybody's day to day life. More or less, this was created to share sounds, share opinions on some and we hope you enjoy it as such.

You may as well listen to this while you're hear. It's only a test actually.

Young Jeezy - "Make'em Understand"

Respect due...Cookiehead and ADawg.

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