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Old School Like High Top Fades

retro signing in for your daily dose of old school. this time, none other than sam cooke. dude has so much ill shit out, i just decided to post up his greatest hits. shout out to the other admins tone and gotty, looks like you two might be the only ones to hear of or appreciate this cat. retro outty five thousand

Sam Cooke - Portrait of a Legend

another one from another OLD SCHOOL cat. dude's voice is amazing, no homo.

Nat King Cole - Nat King Cole 2005

aaaaand for round three, midnight starr, since i got ty started on that the first time we spoke haha. no parking on the dance floor had me doing the robot tryna copy them dudes on soul train when i was young as hell.

Midnight Starr - No Parking On The Dance Floor

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