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Aggins For Life...

Yesterday, I was working on the cpu and my daughter was downstairs in her room watching Mulan on Disney. She was amused and cracking up. She was living in the moment. She was literally enjoying life and typified what we've shortened to three letters - LOL or Laughing Out Loud. Kids can bring you some beautiful moments and she made me stop and think....wouldn't we all love to go back to being six again when life was pure, easy and innocent :)?

Ahmad - "Back In The Day"

...and she reminded me a Nas song where he paints a picture of what I want my deathbed to be like. I'm not being morbid lol...just listen and you'll understand the beauty. Peace and blessings to the soon to be here seeds(Tone, DubCee, PFifty) Monk and Pumbaa.Live now babies.

Nas - "Live Now"

If you're not familiar with this dude he used to roll with Puff, Mase and the whole Harlem world movement. This song right hear always gets me amped in the mornings. Oldie but hip-hop goodie.

Meeno - "I'm That Aggin"

This right here speaks alot about relationships between thugs lol. "Bros before hoes that the way love and life goes". Pour out a little liquor for the homies who ain't here right now to live it up with you. Salute!

Lil Boosie - "My Aggin Then"

This right here is definitely a return to the Nasty Nas that we knew and fell in love with back in the day.

Nas - "My Will (Honeymoon's Over)"

Straight for these hot summer days...

Jim Jones - "Lovely Days (Memory Lane)"

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