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Hostile Takeover

this another one for juan dont worry gotti u know i am married and i dont wanna fight no 6.5 ass teacher with a grandmama who carrys a pistol :) i just know this on her level since she was feeling the bbd

ready for the world- love you down

this track here on some driving around in a 84 lac deville leaning back with a cohiba id say with a blunt but i quit some years ago...

outkast- spottieouttiedopalious

this off missys new album i wasnt feeling most of the album but i like this beat from mr bangladesh

missy - click clack

gotti on the im telling me to use caps and punctuation uhm this is not school mannnnn im just trying to get some nice music out there...he said i gotta dig deep since he been hitting yall with alot of old shit... i am breaking out the back hoe then dammit

every one gotta know this one
amg- vertical joyride

as yall can see i am putting up alot of slow stuff no worries for the rap heads i got yall to
mint condition- pretty brown eyes

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