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A Prelude To A Hit....

I had to take you back. Somebody reminded me of Midnight Starr. Yeah, you remember the slow cuts b/c they still get play. But you gotta be of age to remember some of these. Shit, I remember I made the paper sign that said "No Parking On The Dance Floor" that I taped to my bedroom door haha.

Midnight Starr - "Wet My Whistle"


"No Parking On The Dance Floor"

And this right here is a guilty pleasure...bump it around your co-workers and put some shades on while you're at it just to get a reaction.

Mark Morrison - "Return of The Mack"

This right here just dropped. I know, I know...when I like an artist, I beat yall over the head w/their work. But I can't front...this dude gotta be one of the hottest to come out the South in a minute.

Young Jeezy - Let's Get It: Thug Motivation (Retail)

And here's Slimm Thug's joint. Most of it's been leaked so it's kinda old to me but it hasn't released yet so here you go.

Slimm Thug - Already Platinum (Retail)

And somebody shot me this last nite. I didn't get a chance to listen to it but it was suggested cool-out music.

Billie Holiday - Billie's Best

And Sir Tone shot me these three last week and I'm passing them to you now.

Syleena Johnson - "A Classic Love Song"

Avant- "Can't Wait"

I didn't get to label this one. I think it's Donell Jones "September Love"

I think we covered the whole spectrum and hopefully got at least one song everybody has a taste for.

Have a good weekend!

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