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The City Of Wind 2005

ima throw a bunch of chicago artists at yall im not gonna add kells cause as gotti knows i am probally his only male fan who would break down in to tears if i met him... so there for he deserves a day of his own

1st joint i am puttin up was hot a few summers ago here in chicago.. to bad they did not go any where with this

3 piece- ohh ahh remix

this next one a chitown classic imo if you can get there greatest hits cd i sugest you do...

psychodrama- do what you wanna do

do or die and twista on a sick beat one of my favs hope yall can enjoy it to... i cant belive it took twista so long to really blow up

do or die - money flow

i have loved all of dave holisters albums hes underated to me thought id share one of my newer favs of his
dave holister- baby do those things

a classic flict gang banging song
crucial conflict- to the left

a very hot slow jam you all should know he has a new album coming out i will upload the sampler soon
donnel jones- where i wanna be
i am pretty sure these guys are from chicago they used to be with kells either way i like the song
[public announcment - john doe

this a str8 heavy chevy song right here
[twista - overdose

i did not add common or kanye because i plan to do another chicago joint soon and ima add them as well as some more chitown artists hope yall enjoy it

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