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"It's Like We Never Left..."

Just to hit you off with a few cuts to let you know we still here.

P-Diddy still can put out a decent song when he wants to and when he has time.

P-Diddy feat. GDep and Black Rob - "Godfather"

And this one's being reupped because I don't think ya'll understood how hot it was the first time lol.

P-Diddy feat. Miri Ben Ari - "Run This City"

And this right here...if it ain't tearin up the club scene, the the club scene ain't hot right now. I swear if you don't bob your shoulders when this comes on you might wanna have your heartrate or pulse checked. Listen to it two or three times in the car for it to sink in how hot it is.

Youngbloodz - "Presidental" (George Bush)

Plus I know a few of you like violence so...two fights to entertain you on a boring Tuesday. Cut and paste. You'll get a for sure laugh out the second one.

retro signing in for the latest installment of the g-unit vs black wallstreet. here's game's you know what it is vol 3 mixtape, pretty much dedicated to dissing g-unit. funny as fuck, and honestly i dont think g-unit can really reply with shit other than weak skits and greasy talk. enjoy.


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