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...In The Hour Of Chaos

I remember going to see Public Enemy & Digital Underground way way back.

Pac was prolly up there humpin the doll. He was an unknown back then.

But, DU was and they rocked it. At the time, they were gettin alot of exposure due to their "sexually laced" music.

I think De La opened the show. Somebody else peformed as well.

All I remember is PE.

At the time, PE had me thinkin Black folk could take over the world, with guns or their minds.

I remember I heard their first album after church one Sunday @ my cousin's house. His brother was in the army or whatever and had sent the wax from the UK.

I was hooked.

Chuck D made me want to read & learn.

About everything Black....the Panthers, the Renaissance, the names like Garvey, X, everybody who fought for the rights of many.

I remember wearing my African medallion and my tshirt from the concert for months aftewards. I've had enough bumps to the head & put enough in my system to damn near erase my memory.

But some memories never fade.

Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet

Public Enemy - Yo! Bum Rush The Show

Digital Underground - Sex Packets

What's been on repeat for me lately? Glad you ask because this joint right here has been stuck like two dogs (think about it lol). T.I. has shown constant growth & development over the years, from I'm Serious to Urban Legend and his numerous guest appearances. This track is nothing groundbreaking but it's pure old school braggin mixed with new school style and flair and topped with a nice hummin beat. T.I.'s syrupy flow matches the synth sound oh so well. In the word's of Dingle...eeeek!

"Drop top, flip-flop, shine as the chrome glow..
...with long dough
shit he just doin what he known fo'
blowin 'dro, 24's livin how the song go..."

"...kick it with king, let me show you what I mean man
Most these niggas rappin bout a block ain't ever seen nann
Real niggas recognize real niggas & 'ye ain't nann
You 'on't know how to stab nigga dead and leave a clean hand..."

T.I. - "Ride With Me"

Aiyo...don't ask me why or how I listened to this joint. I believe somebody requested it a while back. Either way it soulful and has a cinematic/rock type feel to it all the while still being soul in one of it's rawest forms. Nice voice. Interesting approach and subject matter. Worth a listen.

Van Hunt - Van Hunt

And this kid GermanLuger is coming thru for real & taking Rookie Of The Week honors like this was the League or some shit.

"Here's the Foxy Brown album that was forever shelved by Def Jam plus a couple o' other tracks that didn't make the final cut. She was let go out of her contract over disputes with the record company over this album. Mistake on their part because this joint is hot. Give it a listen."

Foxy Brown - Ill NaNa Pt. 2 The Fever

Short but sweet.

Three ill tracks

One ill artist.

Common - The AOL Sessions EP

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Comment and share your .02.


Secondhand Smoke

Afrika Bambatta-Looking For The Perfect Beat

Afro's-Kickin' Afrolistics

Pete Rock - Pete Beats

Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles

Eminem-Curtain_Call-The_Hits-2005 Fresh Link

Little Brother-The Minstrel Show

Freeway - Philadelphia Freeway

Add the extension .zip
PW is muslim

CunninLynguists- A Piece Of Strange


Luther Vandross - Never Too Much

Tony Terry - Tony Terry (1990)

The Very Best of Daryl Hall and John Oates

MF Doom - Doomilation

Ice Cube - Kill At Will

MC Lyte - Eyes On This

Dilated Peoples - The Platform

Part 1 Part 2

You may want to check Dante's Inferno. Karrine Steffans' aka Superhead audiobook is in there for you gossipy Wendy Williams type mofos lol.

OUR Requests...yeah, we need help too sometimes lol.

* Ministry Of Sound - House Nation 05
* Goapele - Change It All
* Natalise - I Came To Play
* Erin Jennae - Have You Seen Me
* Adina Howard - Private Show
* Glenn Lewis - Back For More
* Dilated Peoples - The Platform
* Wyclef Jean - The Preacher's Son
* Tony Toni Tone - House Of Music | Sons Of Soul | The Revival
* Boogie Down Productions - Sex & Violence
* T La Rock - Lyrical King
* Slum Village - Trinity

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