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Rebel Without A Pause....

There's been a lot of dry snitchin here recently.

And somebody asked me recently...

"Why do you do this?"

Not for nothin though, it's simple.

I copped and pasted what I posted on a messageboard recently.

"half these fags used to be like "yo i got that new _____" but never tell where they got it, nor be around to share that shit on here or AIM.

I hated that.

...with a passion.

so i started diggin & kept diggin til i found different boards and other random sources.

now, of course right now, i ain't yellin out everywhere i get these shits from.

some i steal/leech just like everyone else

some, people up and send me links and i up quite a few myself.

but while i won't tell you where i'm gettin'em, i (with the little crew elves;) ) try my damnedest to make sure you get them as soon as i do.

because what these greedy bastards who hoard the shit don't realize is nobody gives a fuck how exclusive you are....including me in that list. pass it along.

...and sharing is caring motherfuckers

oh's the internet.

it's not that serious.

so now, you help.

take out them dusty cd's are rip a few and up'em.

or rip some of that shit off your ipod.

and give me some fresh links to share/leech/steal haha"

just playing...but for real, share that shit.

So in the spirit of fuck'em to these stoolpigeon cats singing they artist who said fuck musical standards & pushed the envelope, paying tribute to a boxer who said fuck'em to just about everything society had to say.

Miles Davis - Jack Johnson

If you haven't seen this movie, go get a late pass. This movie and soundtrack revolutionized reggae music in the early 70's and is still relevant due to it's exposure of Industry Rule #4080.

Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come

A video for my favorite song from the album...

Kanye West feat. Adam Levine - "Heard'em Say" Video

And I gotta give a big dookie rope chain shoutout to these cats making noise, representing the real hip-hop and showing love all the way from the 206. Right about now, these cats represent the true essence of all the OG aspects of hip-hop and need to be saluted. Take a second to check for'em and we'll have more music and info on them coming soon.

And catch the streaming audio of DJ B-Mello on "Street Sounds" on Sundays from 6 - 9PM.

Last but not least, the homie Dally ain't announced it to you all but he's practicing bigamy...son's got another love besides helping us. Peep his new shit, Dally's Personal.

Today, he's rockin with

- Okwerdz - Random Acts of Music
- Tim Dog - Penicillin On Wax
- Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats(The First 15 Years 1981-1996)[boxset]
- Terminator X & The Valley of the Jeep Beets

Respect due to Froz1, Neilthe206King & Spizzy



Stray Shots

(We'll be continually updating this section for today so check back)


I know you dudes been straight beastin for this to drop. Props to the BX dudes for being on this joint first as usual. I'll save my personal sentiments on dude and let you all have your fun lol. Get it while it's hot & before everybody on the net CRUSHES these servers for it lol.

Reup it once you get it for the benefit of everyone else. Email the link to us or put it in the comments box.

Lil Wayne - The Carter II

Backup Link

Backup Link

Backup Link

The Diplomats Present - The Title Stays In Harlem

La The Darkman - The Heist Of The Century

Donald Byrd - Stepping Into Tomorrow

Part 1 Part 2

Donald Byrd - Thank You For Funking Up My Life

Part 1 Part 2

PW is claude

Donald Byrd - Black Byrd

Donald Byrd - Caricatures

Donald Byrd - Ethopian Knights

props to redux & all the dudes @ bgol ent.

B.B. King - To Know Is To Love You

Nina Simone - Sings Ellington!

PW for the above two is

Wu-Tang Meets Indie Culture - Think Differently

GangStarr - Full Clip: A Decade of GangStarr

Disc 1 Disc 2

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Soup

Part 1 Part 2

Skillz - Confession of A Ghostwriter

Eazy E - Easy Duz It

Canibus - Hip-Hop For Sale

Part 1 Part 2

Dead Prez - Let's Get Free

Dead Prez - Turn Off The Radio Vol. 2

Cali Agents - Head of State

Cali Agents - How The West Was One

Planet Asia - Still In Training

Planet Asia - The Last Stand

Herbie Hancock - Headhunters

Dave Chappelle - Killin' Em Softly

...And check out Regnyouth as they have a lot of good jazz up right now. Too many to name but be sure to check out the main entries and contributions from the past few days.

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