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"You Can Always Tell The Station Of A People..."

" the music and culture they produce at any given time"

Amiri Bakara

"Ya'll already know what it is wit' me & the vintage rap shish from like 94-96. Back in the days when you could make a hot video for like 65 grand & that joint would be on Video Music Box constantly. I guess I'm just one of those dudes that's caught up in yesterday. Not neccesarily enough to hinder me from movin' forward, but enough to enable me to appreciate how much fun & easier things were back in the days. It seemed more fun not being able to save up 100 dollars with my allowance to buy a Tommy Hilfiger Sailing Gear knit like Ghostface had on in the Criminology video. So I settled for some Mecca long sleeved t-shirts that were 2 for $25 at Active Wearhouse. That's why I try hard not to knock these young cats growin' up nowadays. What seems stupid & senseless to me, might make for some tremendous memories for them when they get older. I would have hated if people would have knocked me or tried to stop me from being a young adult back in the day..."

Written by Nelson Bros.

Somedays I feel old.

Not because I am.

Because at times I feel out of touch with hip-hop today.

When I'm in the car riding, I like shit that's jammin just as much as the next man. I'm not really trying to think to hard about what's being said as much as I am these steady brakin' Nashvillians & the ones who don't use turn signals.

But half this the crib, it gets no play.

Everything that comes out references one of the following...bitches, hoes, guns, coke/crack/drugs, guns, jewelry, cars.

Some reference all of them.

I ain't buggin off the shit really.

I know I'm guilty.

I promote some of that same shit I criticize here.

I'm gettin my Nas on now though and retracting and taking aim at some of that same negativity I put up lol.

But really, is this what it means to be hip-hop, to be black, to be American, in the year 2005?

Not to sound like an old fogey, but damn...I wish record companies would push something besides the same old cookie-cutter artists.

The late 80's/early 90's were THE golden era of hip-hop with 1994 being the commercial peak but also the dropoff of sorts.

Shorties today are missing some of the original spirit of hip-hop because there's only one "kind" of hip-hop being sold.

Record companies, media in the form of publications and the video shows would show and promote groups ranging from positive like PE and X-Clan to middle-class, relaxed comedy like Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince & De La to straight braggin & lyrics, in the vein of Kane, Kwame & LL to street like Kool G., Cube & N.W.A.

And we as fans had our pick of what we wanted to hear.

Is hip-hop dead?


Is it stagnate?


I can criticize hip-hop because I am hip-hop.

Give this X-Clan a spin if you haven't heard it before or haven't heard it in years. Your spirit will thank you.

X-Clan - To The East, Blackwards

X-Clan - Xodus

And we're gonna slow it down.

It's gettin cold & winter is about being in the house coolin with some jazz and R&B, warming under a blanket with a breezy.

I'mma steal from my man Nelson Bros. and put his comments regarding winter out there because they're on point and humorous. (Come write with me sir!)

"I dunno maybe it's just me, but I'm just about "summered out". With the exception of the horrible weather, I'm lookin' forward to the upcoming fall/winter season. I'm lookin' forward to those days when you can post up outside the basketball courts in the mahongony colored velour 2-pieces or the lightweight thermals wit' the 20 dollar navy blue flight jackets wit' the orange lining wit' a Detroit Tigers fitted c0cked low. I can't wait until it's that North Face snorkel weather, not that McMurdo bullshish wit' the dead pigeon feathers in it. I'm talkin' bout the joints that's like 400 & better. Ya'll know that black Champion hoodie weather wit' that black sculley that you rockin' while playin' Fight Night 2 at your boy Jamel's crib & there's mad heads in his room & it's hot & stuffy so you take the hoody off & you got somethin' stupid on as an undershirt that you thought was poppin' back during the summer like from Clientele or somethin'. Yo, I can't WAIT for this type of weather! You know how it be when you out wit' a shorty & it's mad brick out & she got on the tight jet black jeans wit' those black leather boots wit' the hard heel that make her sound like a horse when she walks & you got on the buttersoft Marc Buchannan joint that you just copped 3 hours ago from some ghetto a55 spot called "Jiggy Sports" or "Uptown Flava" or some dumb shish like that. No fitted on, absoultely not! Just a perfectly cut 1/2 ceasar wit' a nice trimed goatee that looks like it was done with a pencil. Waves lookin' like Denzel's back when he took his shirt off in the movie "Glory". That's word, I can't wait until the temperature starts to drop.....

All those things, plus alot more are just things that I be thinkin' about when I'm zoned out. In it's own sorta strange way, summer feels phony to me. Everbody lookin' all animated, it's mad bright outside & stuff. I'm through wit' the Polo knits & all that stuff. I like when it starts gettin' dark outside like 4:45. Like when you can smell the cold outside. I'm lookin' forward to it, me in my newly furnished apartment, bunch of my dudes over & we got liquor & plenty chronic (not for me of course) & there's mad jokes goin' around & we bumpin' somethin' from '96 like The War Report or a old Clue tape or somethin' where he be yellin' in the backround like "NEW SHISH.......MOBB DEEP.....FEAT BIG NOYD......RECOGNIZE & REALIZE......, PHAT SHOUT.......YOUNGSTARR......ON THE CONCOURSE....... " Then again, that's just me..."

Floetry - Flo'Ology

Leela James - A Change Is Gonna Come

PW is gluestix


PW is uploaded-by-E-MARV

R. Kelly - Chocolate Factory

Change extension to .rar

Ginuwine-Back_II_Da_Basics [Retail][2005]

Backup Link

T-Pain-Rapper Turned Sanger(Advance)-2005.rar

Several Dwele Albums in One File

Tank - One Man

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me & Feels Like Home

USHER: 9 Semi-New (Some Unreleased) MP3 Tracks In 1 Zip File

01 - Usher - I Swear I'm In Love
02 - Usher - Doin' The Most
03 - Usher - Superstar
04 - Usher - Ride
05 - Usher - You Play My Time
06 - Usher - It Is What It Is
07 - Usher - What You Need
08 - Usher - Dot Com
09 - Usher - Wifey

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father

PW is kinfolk

Destiny's Child - Survivor

Blackstreet - No Diggity : The Very Best Of Blackstreet

Craig David - Slicker Than Your Average

Ruben Studdard - Soulful

Ruben Studdard - I Need An Angel

WOW! Gospel 2005 Disc 1

WOW! Gospel 2005 Disc 2

The Gospel Soundtrack

PW for the previous three is gofer

Change to ".rar"

Isley Brothers - Body Kiss (2003)

Jeffery Osbourne feat LTD- Love Ballad

PW is agfrom203

Isaac Hayes - Ultimate Isaac Hayes: Can You Dig It? (2005 2-Disc Set)

Ray-J - Everything You Want

Love Jones OST


Curtis Mayfield - Superfly

Eric B & Rakim- Let the Rhythm Hit Em

Special Ed - Youngest In Charge

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Bee Gees - Greatest Hits

Quincy Jones - Back on the Block

Kanye West - The College Dropout

E-40 - The Mail Man

Method Man Presents Street Life

Gangstarr - Step in the Arena

Frayser Boy - Gone On That Bay

Shyne - Shyne

Outkast - Southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymuzik

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Babylon By Bus

40 Cal - Waleezy Presents 40 Calories (Get Your Weight Up)

The Fugees - Blunted On Reality

The Diplomats - Diplomatic Immunity

The Diplomats - Diplomatic Immunity 2

The Diplomats - Diplomatic Immunity 3 - The Cuts

The Diplomats - The Instrumental Catalog

De La Soul - Buhloone Mind State

Scarface - The World Is Yours

Scarface - The Fix

Scarface - The Untouchable

Gangsta Boo - Both Worlds *69

Gangsta Boo - Inquiring Minds

Masta Ace - Disposable Arts

Damian Marley - Welcome To Jamrock

Lil Wayne - Worldwide Legacy Presents Wayne's World

Gangstarr - Step in the Arena

The first 3 Compton's Most Wanted albums in one rar
It's a compton thang - 1990
Straight checkin em - 1991
Music to driveby - 1992

Compton's Most Wanted

Ma$e-Minister to Sinister ( Hosted by DJ Rukiz)


DJ_Heat-We_Got_That_Doe_Boy_(Juelz_Santana_And_Y oung_Jeezy)

Gillie Da Kid (Major Figgas) - Appetizer Pt.1

Gillie Da Kid (Major Figgas) - Appetizer Pt.2

Gillie Da Kid (Major Figgas) - Appetizer Pt.3

Gillie Da Kid (Major Figgas) - Appetizer Pt.4

Gillie Da Kid (Major Figgas) - Appetizer Pt.5

Who's Next Ent. Presents - The Best Of Stack Bundles-(Bootleg)-2005

DJ Clue - The Professional 2

PW is dookie

If you ever wanna know what I'm listening to besides hip-hop, chances are it's some shit like this on repeat.

Funk Drops 2 - Breaks, Nuggets & Rarities

For some fuckin reason, I can't get the link right in html so here...

www.file factory. com/get/f.php?f=1ccc3fa3f99775f2995c f170

Copy, paste and eliminate the spaces and you're good.

Arrow VA - Funk Drops 2 - Breaks, Nuggets & Rarities [1968-1975]

01. Bobby Byrd - Try It Again
02. The Noble Knights - Sing a Simple Song
03. The Mighty Hannibal - Somebody in the World for You
04. The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Everyday People (In the Jungle)
05. The Meters - Chicken Strut
06. Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady
07. Fabulous Counts - Fabulous Counts
08. The Mowhawks - Champ
09. The Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau, Pt. 2
10. The T.S.U. Tornadoes - Getting the Corners
11. The Southshore Commission - Right on Brother, Pt. 1
12. King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew [Live]
13. Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters - Hard Times
14. Curtis Mayfield - (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go
15. Little Sister - Stanga
16. Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
17. Society's Bag - Let It Crawl
18. Allen Toussaint - Goin' Down
19. Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time
20. The Meters - Chug Chug Chug-A-Lug (Push and Shove), Pt. 2
21. Cold Blood - Kissing My Love
22. Tower Of Power - Stroke '75
23. T.J. Kirk - Soul Power, Pts. 1 and 2

PW is browndro

Plus, two movies added to the mix for added measure.

Three Six Mafia Presents Choices

Three Six Mafia Presents Choices 2

And two OG motherfuckin movies. The Mack changed my life...and the lives of alot of women in my wake too haha.

The Mack (1973)

The Warriors (1979)

Change both to .avi



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Respect due to dominicanluimi for all those FF links!

Edit - Here's the tracklisting for the Juelz&Jeezy since it's been brought to my attention the usual mixtape spots we send you to for tracklistings don't have it.

01-DJ_Heat-Please Dont Stop_(Prod_By_DJ_Heat)
04-Juelz_Santana-oh_yes_(Mr_Post_Man)_(Prod_By_Heatmakerz )
09-Yong Jeezy_Ft_Fidank-Let_Me_Hit_Dat
11-Young_Jeezy_And_Juelz_Santana_Ft_Lil_Way ne-Make_That_Crack
17-Young_Jeezy_Ft_Jody_Breez- Gangsta
18-Juelz_Santana- Hes_The_One_Your_Thinking_Of
20-juelz_santana-whatever_u_wanna_call_it_(feat_hell_rell )
21-Young_Jeezy_Ft_T.I._Three_Six-Click Up_(Prod_By_Lil_Jon)

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