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Fuck Jay.

I think Dame will have continued success without him.

I love the dude no homo.

He's cocky and talks shit like a real aggins supposed to. Straight comical.

He does what he wants.

He believes, supports and gives a piece of the pie to his people.

Yeah, Jay was the face of the Roc.

But I've got a strong feeling Dame and Biggs were the real business brains behind the whole thing. Not to knock Jay, but Dame always seems to be affiliated with some next shit that others follow.

The whole breakup thing...yeah, it was wack. Jay could've bounced, but he should've left the name. If it's three of us and one of us wants to leave, leave behind to the two of us what all three of us built.

Whatever though.

Like Jay said "what you eat don't make me shit."

Life goes on.

So, in the vein of continous shit talking, I'mma give you all what I think is hot right now.

What am I listening to?

I'm glad you ask.

Among other things, I've got a few I want to recommend for you with a promise of more to come this week.

I give my word to you, as usual, some of these joints featured on this mixtape will blow up down the line. Drama always manages to break somebody or some banger (cough**Franchise, Jeezy, Backwudz, Webbie**cough) on his tape and there's a few on here that have that bout to blow sound to'em. Trust me. Plus, unlike so many others, his tapes flow without the dj shouting out murder and ruinin tracks. And, he puts out fresh material unlike the other dj's who all put the same "new exclusive" freestyle on their shit.


Change .nzm to .rar


PW is south

If you don't understand, there's a few joints that I feel compelled to post every few months. Let the record show - Jagged Edge might be the best R&B group in a long time. Who's seriously touch'em them as a band? Nobody that I can think of. And this right here will always get rotation.

Jagged Edge - A Jagged Era

I don't even listen to new shit that much. Mainly, when it comes to rap albums, I'm pumpin old shit like these two.

Jay-Z - The Blueprint

Outkast - Atliens

Game sampled my dude right here for "Dreams." But before that, I was up on him about six years ago when my auntie put me up on "Ain't Understanding Mellow" and from then on, I been hooked. His voice is firm and I don't think there's a better way to desribe it. He got that old, deacon leading a hymn on Sunday in an old Baptist church sound to his voice.

Jerry Butler - The Best Of Jerry Butler

Jerry Butler - The Greatest Hits

Hearing Pat with the Roots last week just called for some shine for my dude. His name ain't mentioned too often but it really should be.

Project Pat-Ghetty Green

Project Pat-Layin Da Smack Down

Project Pat-Murderers & Robbers

These two Pac joints are two of his best because they're raw and rep what he was before he really blew up. Next to 7 Day Theory, these joints, esp MATW which is a near 5-mic classic, are solid.

2Pac - 2pacalypse Now

2Pac - Me Against The World

Stray Shots

Xscape - Hummin' Comin' at 'Cha

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All Three Xscape Albums

Avant - My Thoughts

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Ashanti - Concrete Rose

Keyshia Cole - The Way It Is

Prince - Controversy

PW is password

WC & The MAAD Circle - Ain't A Damn Thang Changed

WC & The MAAD Circle - Curb Servin'

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I had to post this whole tracklisting because it might not be out there for you to find. Plus, I know you underground cats will like this, but wanna know what's on it.


Disc 1 & 2 Disc 3

Track List: CD #1/3
01. Proceed II (Feat. Roy Ayers) 5:49
02. Worldwide (London Groove) 8:13
03. Silent Treatment (Black 4:18
Thought's '87 You & Yours Mix)
04. You Got Me (Me Tienes Remix) 4:22
05. It's All About You (Not About 4:11
Me) (Performed By Tracie
06. Distortion To Static (At Ease 4:25
07. Take It There (Remix) 3:29
(Performed By Nonchalant)
08. Rafiki (Album Mix) (Performed 4:02
By Zap Mama)
09. Silent Treatment (Da 4:36
Beatminerz Remix)
10. Listen To This (Performed By 4:45
Walking Large)
11. What You Want (Feat. Jaguar) 4:15
12. Proceed III (Feat. Bahamadia) 4:17
13. The Good, The Bad & The 3:59
14. Distortion To Static 4:42
(Freestyle Mix)
15. Break You Off (Original 3:33
Version) (Feat. D'Angelo)

Track List: CD #2/3
01. It's Comin' 6:27
02. Distortion To Static (Ques Jim 3:29
03. Proceed (Live At The Supper 9:52
04. New Years At Jay Dee's 2:49
05. What They Do (Live On Jenny 5:02
06. Silent Treatment (Street Mix) 6:59
07. Da Jawn (Performed By 5:18
08. Distortion To Static (Black 4:16
Thought Mix)
09. Burnin' & Lootin' (Performed By 4:39
Bob Marley)
10. Proceed II (Butcher Mix) 4:02
11. Still Out There 3:44
12. You Got Me (Live On David 3:44
13. Sprite Commercial 0:32
14. Proceed IV (AJ Shine's 3:43
Without A Pause Mix)
15. The Lesson (Part 2) 5:13

Track List: CD #3/3
01. The Show 6:24
02. Rafiki (Hard Mix) (Performed By 3:38
Zap Mama)
03. The 'Notic (Feat. D'Angelo) 5:19
04. Distortion To Static (At Ease 4:24
Microphone Check Mix)
05. Silent Treatment (Kelo's Mix) 4:04
06. Proceed II (Live On John 2:05
07. Millie Pulled A Pistol On 3:57
08. Listen To This (The Roots 4:07
09. Adrenaline (Live At Woodstock 4:14
10. Distortion To Static (Bob 4:25
Power Bass Remix)
11. Silent Treatment (Questions 4:54
12. Y'all Know Who 3:39
13. Proceed V (Da Beatminerz 4:33
14. You Got Me (Original Version) 4:17
(Feat. Jill Scott)
15. The Last Track 3:31

Last but not least

Dominicanlumi put up some stuff recently including LL's discography and somebody asked for some Dips so that's there. And the homie MrC hit me off w/some links that I didn't have time to post but I figured I'd put it up sushi style so click & enjoy. Some classic material right there.

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