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Heard It All Before...

This pic has zilch to do with today's post. But it was so hot, fuck it. Yeah, that's Rae. What he's doin with all that is a whole different question haha

Right now, most music is growing stagnate and it's showing in the listeners.

Regular dudes right now have no style.

Jigga retired and ain’t on they tv screen in videos everyday so now they just dumbfounded on how they wanna look.

And when they do try to do something, they do it all wrong straight od’n on the whole look instead of makin it look natural.

Other knuckleheads be rockin status quo type uniforms or some shit.

Dudes used to rock jerseys so deep you thought it was an all-star game at whatever social function or mall you saw’em in.

Then Jay said get your grown man on and cats started doin suits that ain’t even look right on’em.

Cam said rock pink and cats od’ed and went homo. Next, he had’em claim Bloods knowing they ain’t never broke bread with a real Piru or Damu.

Kanye said rock ‘Lo and cats started trying to be Carlton Banks overnite.

Some dudes look like they go in the stores and buy the mannequin. That ain’t gangsta.

And if you paying over $200 for jeans because of the denim craze, you’re a lame in my book. Nobody really notices if you rockin 501’s or Evisus. Really…they aren’t unless you’re drawing attention to yourself by having them shits extra tight so we can count your change or fallin off your ass three sizes too big.

It’s wreckless. Cats look like they ain’t even comfortable in they own skin, much less their clothing.

Style is you. Your clothes, your bop, the way you rock…it should say something about you as a person. They should accentuate your personality. What you're feeling, what influences, etc.

If you’re trying to hard, stop. That’s a tad too feminine for a dude.

I’m not saying throw on dirty, raggedy, wrinkled gear.

I’m saying, lay it out, look at it. Put it on. See if it looks ok. If so, bounce.

After all these years, I know me.

I’m basic.

Solids. Some stripes. Few patterns but if I do rock plaid, it’s small prints.

Navy is the predominant color of closet.

I want my jeans blue thank you. No crazy rinses, and color changes.

A hat, at all times, with all outfits. I have one for every occasion.

I do grown man everyday at my job and I’ve been doin Polo so long that shit, now I’m in style w/o even trying because I’m ‘Lo from head to toe without really trying. It’s all I got lol. Polo make be in fashion but one things for sure, it’s not going out of style anytime soon.

Nah, this ain’t “Queer Eye…” and no I’m not metro.

I’m just trying to help some folk out.

I'm confident enough (read: ignorant and arrogant) to post what I think.

Agree? Disagree? It's cool. Leave a comment.

And like I said, most music is stagnate right now. Not all, as evidenced by these tracks.

8Ball & MJG - "Get Low"

Young Buck - "Hoes" (Over Common's "Go" Beat)

Young Buck & Prodigy - "Man Down"

Tony Yayo - "Ya Got That Fire" ("Soul Survivor" Beat)

An interesting collabo to say the very very least lol...

The Roots feat Project Pat - "Should I"

Four New Jae Millz Tracks In A Bundle

Lil Wanye - "New Orleans"

Black comin back with some fire.Truly truly slept on.

Black Rob - "Ready" b/w "Star In Da Hood"

Black Rob - "Life"

The Coup, Black Thought and Kweli - "My Favorite"

Devin The Dude - "Gettin High"

Chopper Feat Lil Wayne Jody Breeze & Corey Williams - "Lil Daddy" (Clean Remix)

Purple Ribbon All-Stars - "Kryptonite"

Lil Wayne - "Diamonds On My Neck"

A dope track with everybody's current favorite featured artist?

Youngbloodz feat. Akon - "Presidential" (Remix)

Here's nine of Jumpoff's new joints compiled in one file including....

"Dumb Out" - Eight minute's of fire
"Survivor" (Remix)
"3 Sides 2 A Story"
"Go Crazy" Freestyle
"What Would Happen" feat. Stack Bundles
"Mic Check"
...and both new Mood Music Freestyles

Joe Budden's New Shit

We put this up every few months because this cd is a definitive compilation of some the Mafia's best work.

DJ Paul - Underground Vol. 16, For Da Summa

Somebody mentioned the other day that NY wasn't gettin enough shine on here. There's a reason - NY ain't been puttin out shit worth mentioning. G-Unit are the only cats from the city sellin any records. Everybody else trying to follow 50's marketing plan of having a host of mixtape appearances, bring in their crew, etc.

NY rap was when there was Wu. This album wasn't a commercial success like Meth, Rae or Ghost's. But any purists will tell you that this artist and album were the pinnacle's of lyricism.

GZA - Liquid Swords

Mobb Deep - Best Of Queens

Mobb Deep - Amerikaz Nightmare

Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth

Mobb Deep - The_Infamous

Mobb Deep - Infamy

Mobb Deep -Murda_Muzik

Mobb Deep - Juvenile Hell

Stat Quo - Outta Town Love Vol.1

Ghostface - Supreme Clientele

DJ Rondevu - Godbrothers 2....Nas & Rakim


Change .avi to .rar

Fresh Backup Link

DJ Whoo Kid And 50 Cent - Back To Business (G-Unit Radio 14)

Backup Link

PW is UploadedByIncredible

La will always get love from me because he was one of the first cats I met when I went to college for orientation, back when his name was Baridi lol.

La_The_Darkman-Trials_and_Tribulations Mixtape

Change exe to rar

Body and Soul - Duets

Al Green - Everythings OK (2005)

Change extension to .rar

Pretty Ricky - Blue Stars Fresh Link


Disc One Disc Two

Soul Food OST

Zapp & Roger- All The Greatest Hits


Props to Dally and DonPoppa for today's contributions.


I knew I forgot something and it just hit me.

Blame One hit me up a while back about putting his music up here for cats to listen to and spread the word. So we agreed. He got back to me this week and while I didn't get a chance to listen to it, I'm gonna put it up sight unseen, blind faith and let you cats give him some feedback if you can.

Here's a brief intro written by the man himself.

here is a little info for you first about my first album

Let me tell you who is feat. on the album since you most likely don't know about it.
Features production from Exile whos album droppin in Jan. features MF Doom, Ghostface, Slum village, myself and many more. Features production from Kan Kick who has produced for Planet Asia, El da sensi, Oh no, and many more. Features guest spots from Main Flow original member of the group mood with DJ Hi tek. He was also feat. on two songs of the Hi Tek classic. Also Feat. Aloe Blacc who is currently signed to stones throw (i.e. madlib, peanut butter wolf) Hopefully you will enjoy. My other 12" and albums are available at most online retailers.

Blame One - Imbalanced

Again, if you have time, give it a listen and give my dude some feedback.


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