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Let me just say...I really forgot how raw Big was.

Forgive me.

So I had to go back and listen to Life After Death for the past four days.

Even with Puff watering him down w/some beats that are mediocore at times, Big still shined.

Big could craft songs that worked on different levels.

Clubs? Check

Streets? Check

Ladies, fellas, average listener to the hip-hop enthusiasts? Check, check, check and check.

Honestly, the only other person who's been able to do that in recent years besides Big...Jay-z.

But, Big laid the blueprint.

Pac did it as well, but had an added dimensions when he mixed in emotion, activism and introspection.

But Big....Big's wordplay and lyricism > Pac's.

Yeah, I said.

It's apple and oranges.

I'm the quintessential Pac fan of course so don't start whining.

Notorius B.I.G- Duets (Final Chapter) Advance

Backup Link

An additional track that's leaked from the album as well.

Biggie Ft. Big Pun & Fat Joe - "Get On Your Grind"

The Notorious BIG-Born Again

The Notorious BIG-Life After Death

Stray Shots

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall

Grover_Washington_Jr. - Inner_City_Blues

Beatnuts - Intoxicated Demons EP

Beastie Boys - Ill Communication & Hello Nasty

Prince - Come


PW is boxden

Geto Boys - The Foundation

Get Rich Or Die Trying Soundtrack

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Peppers

01. Under The Bridge
02. Give It Away
03. Californication
04. Scar Tissue
05. Soul To Squeeze
06. Otherside
07. Suck My Kiss
08. By The Way
09. Parallel Universe
10. Breaking The Girl
11. My Friends
12. Higher Ground
13. Universally Speaking
14. Road Trippin'
15. Fortune Faded
16. Save The Population

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Kanye West - Samples Off Late Registration

01-The Whatnauts - I'll Ease Away Your Pain (Late)
02-Etta James - My Funny Valentine (Addiction)
03-Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up (Touch The Sky)
04-Gil Scott - Home Is Where The Hatred Is (My Way Home)
05-Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (Gold Digger)
06-Shirley Basey - Diamonds Are Forever (Same Title)
07-Otis Redding - It's Too Late (Gone)
08-Hank Crawford - Wildflower (Drive Slow)
09-Natalie Cole - Someone That I Used To Love (Heard Em'Say)
10-KayGee - Heavenly Dream (Celebration)

Kanye West - Bonus Samples

01-Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead (Ms. Fat Booty)
02-Chaka Khan - Through The Fire (Through The Wire)
03-Eddie Kendricks - The Newness Is Gone (Poppa Was A Player)
04-The Persuaders - Trying Girls Out (Girls Girls Girls)
05-Al Green - I Wish You Were Here (The Good Bad & Ugly)
06-Bobby Blue Bland - Aint No Love (Heart Of The City)
07-John Holt - I Will (Encore)
08-The Doors - Five To One (Takeover)
09-Foreigner - The Damage Is Done (Grafh)
10-Bloodstone - I'm Just Doing My Job (Doin My Job)
11-Norman Connors - Invitation (Brown Sugar)
12-Queen - We Are The Champions (Champions)
13-Jerry Butler - No Money Down (Dreams)
14-The Delfonics - Tryin To Make A Fool Of Me (Ok Ok Juelz)

Rename both to .rar

Oh need these two. Bonafied.

The beat on this joint just says "Go rob a motherfucker, sell some crack, do some mischief you son of bitch." It's that real gutter music.

Hell Rell - "What You Into?" feat Ash & Sin

More dope pushin from the VA boys. No one can do it better.

Clipse - "At Your Door" Ft. Pharrell & Rosco P. Coldchain

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