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Ring The Alarm....

Gonna take some time and really give to you all by filling some requests.

In turn, we're going to be asking you to actually show your support real real soon.

Clicking ads ain't much support to say the least lol. We're still gonna keep it up but that shit has raised like $10.50 in two months. Ass. I know you're clicking but it's a tricky lil program Google has created that I won't even waste energy trying to explain. Don't trip though, keep clickin. Onward steadfastly soldiers.

Our next move is to get our own dedicated webspace on a server.

What will that mean?

In short, no more dead links we hope.

Some albums will still be hosted elsewhere (FF, MU, TU, & all the other servers).

But for hot albums, we're going to try to put them on our space and keep them there for a few days to a few weeks.

With this, it'll take some of the work off us because uploading, and putting all these links into html code for easier consumption for you is a bitch.

And we plan on doing a little collabo Smoking Section x
Am I High? between our team and the one man wrecking crew Dingle.

This isn't all we plan on offering but it's huge start to some big plans. We've been peepin other blogs, the traffic they get, the music they offer, etc. Point blank - we're gonna move to the upper echelon and it's gonna come with your help. Say our name like DC and let other cats know how fly we really are.

How do we plan on accomplishing this?

This is where you come in by helping us get our Sally Struthers "Feed The Children" on.

As of right now, our best options looks to be to purchase 50 gigs for $100/yr.

We could pay it out of pocket of course.

But, to keep it honest, we're doing a lot of giving as is.

We give alot straight from the heart and strictly out of love. We put forth time, music and effort to keep this place poppin. We hope you appreciate it and actually show it by taking the time to donate.

Right now, we're averaging 1,366 unique visitors a day with an avg of 2,856 page views per day.

At that rate, we only need everybody to contribute $.13 apiece lol.

How much is a retail cd again?

And I've been a member of those paid FTP's that charge $15-25/month for usage.

You know how many cats have contributed since we put up that "Donate/Paypal" link? Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Leeching bastards lol.

Seriously though, if cats contribute as little as $1, we could easily purchase one to three of these servers and be doing fairly well for ourselves as a community. Whatever we raise will go directly towards purchasing servers, not sneakers, dinners for some broads or no dumb shit. No Red Cross fakin jacks and stealing your money for our own pleasures.


Cash in envelope.

Send us your leftover lunch money.

Pocket change? We'll take that.

We gives no fuck.

Just give.

New business aside, on we go to the music and the old business of filling some requests along with some other interesting finds.

Anthony Hamilton - Rare Acoustic Album

This shit dropped a few weeks ago to a lot of hype. We deserved. They're not the most amazing artists but nobody's described selling coke in the number of ways these dudes have. If they're subject matter ever grows and catches up with their lyricism, they'll be a problem.

Clipse Presents Re-Up Gang We Got It For Cheap Vol.2

PW is clipse

Nobody asked for this but it's on my Sunday morning listening rotation. It ranks up there as one of those joints I just feel the need to up every few months to make sure everybody has it.

Nirvana - Nevermind

Some comedy to entertain you at work or something. Robin Harris is like the Big Pun or L of this comedy shit. He died before enough of his work got out there to the public. But, if you follow comedy, you know he's someone most of today's hottest black comics look up to.

Robin Harris - Bebe Kids

One of the bests and pre-mental breakdown. Damn, now that I think of it, Martin even set the standard for hot black comics making money then straight losin it lol **cough**Chapelle**cough

Martin Lawrence- Talkin Shit

They asked for more East Coast/NYC shit, we gave it to them. They asked for more West Coast and, shit, it doesn't get more West Coast Mentality then this dude right here. God bless the dead.

Mac Dre - Library Of A Legend

change extension to rar

You asked, we give.


The original studio version of "In Search Of..." was first released in 2001 and only saw a limited release in Europe. The album was later re-recorded and re-released in 2002 with live instruments with the help of rock band Spy Mob.

So here is the original studio version of "In Search Of..." with all the interludes and an added bonus track "What's Wrong With Me" which was taken from the "Lapdance" European CD single.

Dingle would approve of this.

N.E.R.D. - In Search Of.... (Original Studio Version + Bonus Track)

Part 1 Part 2 Fixed

PW is kage

Someone asked previously so here's some more Sai.

Saigon - Greatest Mixtape Ever Sold

You asked for some Lupe Fiasco. Request filled. Also, check out InquiringMind/span> for a nice write-up on the man himself.

Lupe Fiasco - Farenheit 1&15 Vol.1

Lupe Fiasco - Farenheit 1&15 Vol.2 - Revenge of the Nerds

Lupe Fiasco - Farenheight 1&5 Vol.3 - A Rhyming Ape

Slimmy emailed me and asked for some Joe. Done, baby, whoever you were lol.

Joe - All That I Am

Joe - My Name Is Joe

Shit, just to show my pedigree and the R&B we started slow draggin on. We wasn't cuttin yet but boy you better believe we was trying lol.

Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever
Part 1 Part 2

PW is boxden

Request. Filled.

Black Rob - Black Rob Report

We couldn't forget the ladies and we didn't put this joint up before when we did the Queen's discography.

Mary J. Blige - The Tour (Live) (1998)

Change to rar
PW is mary

Somebody asked for some older Joe Budden material. Request filled.

Joe Budden - I'm Back (Hosted By DJ Envy)

Joe Budden - Not Your Average Flow (Hosted By DJ Entyce)

These are mostly older frees but 30+ Jumpoff's hottest.

Joe Budden - Various Joe Freestyles

This is one of the better ones IMO.

Joe Budden - The Growth From Within (Hosted By Shawn Panero)

PWs are joe

And these dudes are associated w/Joe, Fab and the whole Desert Storm movement. A few bangers laced in this joint and they been tearing it up on recent mixtapes (Ransom kills it on the last Clue tape).
A-Team - Hardhood Classic Vol. 2 (Hosted By DJ Clue)

And motherfuckers takin it the wrong way like I don't like Jay-z. Please. We put his Libary Of A Legend up FIRST
. And now, we finally found a way to get that joint to you again for those of you who missed.

So click the link and get your fix while it's available.

Now did you help fill our request?

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