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Questlove is on some whole different shit.

I never questioned the dude's musical intelligence.

I've always read how deep he goes in the crates & how his knowledge expands across genres as well as decades.

We've all witnessed the magic the Roots have created over the years with Quest being the leader while in the background.

But let me count down the previous for works of his that we've posted that just crushed everything else out.

The Philadelphia Experiement from the other day.

Questlove Sample Lesson Mix

Questlove - Babies Making Babies

And now, the second installment of Babies Making Babies.

It's not neccessarily that all of these songs are obscure or rare.

It's the way Mr. ? places & matches them that gives them a harmonious flow.

With a mix of blues, old school R&B, some dusty soul classics and smidgen of funk, he's done it again...I'll think I'll dub him the Tim Duncan of this dj shit because he puts up solid work each time out. No glamour, no glitz. Just solid fucking work that old & young can appreciate.

?Love - Babies Making Babies 2

Wanna hear arguably Mary J. Blige's best work?

The beat selection on My Life is superb and the songwriting matches it. This was right around the time Mary was starting to grow up and shake some of the demons that had haunted her early in her career. The pain & the struggle combined with the sheer happiness of an epiphany and learning that her life had so much to offer so many. Mary shines and takes her place on the throne as the queen with this album.

Mary J Blige - My Life

From, we learned that charges dropped for Gucci Mane and some other interesting hip-hop news.

And this update was to really to...

1. Give credit. We asked for more contributions and they've been flowing in, left & right. It's starting to feel like a community, complete with the give & take that a commune should have. In the comments box. The comments section. Via email. They've been coming. We appreciate that more than words can express. So...

2. We need some help filling some of the requests we've recieved from contributors. Some of these, we've upped before but no longer have stored. So if you got'em, please up'em and email them in or post'em somewhere prominent for cats to see.

3. us your links! You can continue to post'em over in the comments section and the comments box but sometimes they get overlooked & nobody wants that.


John Gotty™

Support the artists & buy the album if you like the music.

Respect due to the cats who laced us with a contributions over the past few days.

Click some ads. Let us make a little paper if you want to support us spending time here on the daily.

Know any other sites worthy of mentioning? Maintain your own site & want to do a link exchange? Email us @ because we're always looking to grow.

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Our Requests

• Gene Harris - In a Special Way (Blue Note)

• the full battle of Cassidy vs. Freeway, audio, good quality

• Big Pun - Yeah Baby!

• Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits Collection

• Mob Style - Game Of Death or any other album

• Sean Paul - Stage One

Stray Shots

Keep checking in because we'll be continually updating this section with some newer mixtapes that have dropped and other contributions.

Big Pun - Capital Punishment

LL Cool J -Mama Said Knock You Out


Method Man-Tical

Clinton Sparks Presents Shyne - If I Could Start From Scratch

DJ Drama And T.I.P. - The Leak

Backup Link


D12=D12 World

Joe Budden - Joe Budden

Doom - Herbilation

DJ Melo - Sexology:XXX DanceHall Mix Vol.1

PW is Clownaveli

Mase - Harlem World

Brandy - Brandy

DJ L & Suss One - Ludacris: Menace II Society

DJ Kay Slay-Down With The King (Hosted by Maino)

Raphael Saadiq - ...As Ray Ray

Raphael Saadiq - Instant Vintage

Raphael Saadiq - House Of Blues

Disc 1 Disc 2

You ain't old school if you don't know this crew...

After 7 - After 7

After 7 - Takin My Time

After 7 - Reflections

Props to Gremlin from the bx.

some Weezy and the SQAD shit

lil wayne & sqad-up SQ1

lil wayne & sqad-up SQ2

lil wayne & sqad-up SQ3

lil wayne & sqad-up SQ4

lil wayne & sqad-up SQ5

Disc 1 Disc 2

lil wayne & sqad-up SQ6

lil wayne & sqad-up SQ6 tha remix

lil wayne freestyle session aka SQ7

some Weezy after the SQAD shit

lil wayne - Da Drought

lil wayne - Da Drought II

lil wayne - The Prefix

lil wayne - The Suffix

lil wayne - Dedication Gangsta Grillz

young money the mixtape vol 1 cd 1 & 2

Some Extra's

DJ Kochece: Pharell Williams & Kanye West - Skateboards & Blazers

Cam'ron - Killa Classics, Part 2 (by DJ Capone)

Big L, Cam'ron, Mase, McGruff & Bloodshed - Children Of The Corn

Digital Underground - Future Rhythm

Digital Underground - The Body-Hat Syndrome

Barrington Levy - Prison Oval Rock

Capleton - Praises to the King

DJ Shadow - Funky Skunk

DJ Finesse - Platinum Slow Jams #22

Too Short - Pimpin' Inc. Password: 3rd Coast

By Request

Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits

Big Pun - Yeah Baby!

full battle of Cassidy vs. Freeway

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