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This rip, we're gonna do a mix sorta like that Neopalitan ice cream.

"The greatest MC of all-time died on March 9th..."

Remember when Canibus said that?

Well, it seems another rapper is set to die on the exact same date.

Rapper Cool C's Execution Warrant Signed by PA Governor Ed Rendell

I don't know if I'm going soft or what but something about the death penalty as an option for punishing criminals has become less & less appealing to me over the past two years. I can still remember seeing money on Rap City back in the day with Steady B, and then reading the news years later in Rap Pages that the duo was robbing banks...but I never thought I'd read this about C.

A glamorous life it is...

Next up, speaking of behalf of myself and myself only, Wayne has pretty much lost the last ounce of respect I had for him. Yeah, he's lyrical when he wants to be and can do damage at times. But the whole "greatest rapper alive" schtick...I ain't bitin. But son lost me when rocked the tatted tear & the red rag. Let me see, if my memory serves me correct, he came on the scene at age 15, give or take. When did he have time to earn that tear? Was he gangbanging at 8?

But to hear him diss diss Juvie And B.G....and Mannie Fresh in his latest interview , plus other wreckless talk I've read on his thoughts on Katrina in Ozone (1 2 3)...I'm not feeling dude at all. Add to the facts the he does denies claiming Blood while rockin a red rag (a major disrespect to your set & frowned upon in gang culture, punishable with death or a severe beatdown)...sorry but Weezie F.'s street cred is in strong question right about now. Entertainment is entertainment but real is real.

I'll proclaim this for the world.

I sang along to alot of Ja's tunes when he was R&B crooning a while back.

You did too.

If you didn't, you either lived under a rock or you're living a falsehood.

With the way they flooded the radio, you had to know/like/be aware of at least one track.

So I give Murder Inc. their just due.

Apparently, some within the industry don't.

In this interview, Irv Gotti speaks some real truths about Rule No. 4080, fake friendships & fortitude. Like or dislike the music they created, but still give credit to them and Irv for having a stranglehold on the media for a minute. And Irv makes the point (which was also backed up in Kevin Liles book) that he'll be back stronger than before because hip-hop is in his blood. I, for one, can respect that.

Last but not least...

Marion Barry is still on that shit.

Let's get a few things straight.

I'll speak on behalf of Black folk here.

Black people still love OJ.

They still love Marion Barry.

They still love Tookie Williams & Larry Hoover.

They still love/hate Kobe (point spread is -2).

They still love Mike Tyson, Mike Jackson and any other Black person accused of some major wrong.

Ok, so maybe I'm just speaking for me.

Barry is wrong.

But if DC residents still love him, it matters not to me. It's their city & if they feel better about his time spent as leader of that city, so be it. And by all accounts I've read and heard personally, D.C.'ers still love the man strongly and are grateful for what he did for the city.

I'll pray for the brother in hopes that he eventually wins his battle with his personal demons and addiction.

For all of the above mentioned news, I dedicate this song.

Poor Righteous Teachers - "Miss Ghetto"

Please divorce yourselves from Ms. Ghetto ("..Ms. Ghetto you'se a slut so I'm divorcing you bitch!") so we as a hip-hop nation, a Black culture, and a country can rise up.


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