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Same Shit... Different Toilet....

New year and another is behind us.

...and ain't nothin changed but the weather.

We're still here so let us do what we do for you.

This dude...I don't know this dude from Adam but right about now I'm on his street team reppin like Loud Records in the mid 90's.

All you need to know is DJ Shad is the state of Texas and Hi-Rollaz Entertainment. Par the t-shirts, outsiders outsiders should take extreme note to the slogan - "Don't mess with Texas".

Listening to this album was almost as good as sex. A felt like i rolled up a dollar bill & did some Tony's lol.

When I hear shit like this, it nearly brings me to tears...tears of joy. it's hard to explain the rush, the giddyness i feel when i hear the og version of song used in a sample. honestly, it truly makes me admire the artistry of can claim hip-hop isn't "original music because they don't play instruments"...bullshit. to take an original piece of art, reinterpret it from what was already beautiful and warp it into another work of art...that's a talent.

Hearing Dre's sources...sometimes discs like this, revealing sources, makes me wonder how producers even run across this stuff? Randomly? Do they listen to this type of stuff while they're cleaning house on Saturday mornings? Can you imagine being their kid and growing up in house where moms is frying up some eggs & pops is playing some Joe Simon and sliding around in his sockfeet dancing around?

Steve Arrington?

Who the fuck listens to Steve Arrington?

Esther Phillips "That's Alright With Me"?

When was the last time you played that in the whip?

This disc contains a full buffet...a beautiful blend of "Shorty Wanna Be A Thug/Drive Slow/Wildflower." Frankly, I never understood the fuss over "Drive Slow"....yeah, Kanye did his do on the lyrics...but most cats were raving about the beat. I wasn't feelin it. But, when Shad speeds it up a pitch-notch or two, matches it with the other works...i'm with it. As well, my son blows the dust off an old DMX Funk Flex verse that's that old grimey, aggressive, "fuck Onyx! I'm the real crazy baldhead" type shit. (We miss you 'X). The "Still Tippin Megamix" with a crossbreed between some classical music already know how Texas does.

VA-DJ_Shad-Nothings_New..._(Bootleg)-2005 (Pt. 1)

The mash-up...please leave it in 2005.

It's not for everybody and nor is every genre of music meant to meshed.

It's not new.

It was done in the early 90's by PE & Anthrax, Ice-T and his Body Count crew.

Yeah...Hov & Linkin Park did it well.

Mouse did a good job, Kev Brown as well.

But, let's not press our luck anymore (Nelly & whoever dude was?).

DJ Danger Mouse - The Grey Album

Kevin Brown - The Brown Album

Kno Vs Hov - The White Album


John Gotty™

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Our Requests

• Gene Harris - In a Special Way (Blue Note)

• Mob Style - Game Of Death or any other album

Stray Shots

Julie Dexter - Conscious

Julie Dexter - Dexterity


DJ 31 Degreez Presents - Georgia Bulldogs 4 (Hosted By Young Jeezy and T.I.) - 2005



The Diplomats-The_Instrumental_Catalog_2_(Hosted_By_Juelz_Santana)-(Bootleg)-2005


Lupe Fiasco & Gorillaz - A Rhyming Ape - 2005 [Retail][2005]

Lupe Fiasco - Farenheit 1/15 Pt. 2, Revenge of the Nerds

PW for the Lupe's is most

D'Angelo - Live At The Jazz Cafe

Amel Larrieux - Bravebird

Raheem DeVaughn-The Love Experience [Retail][2005]

Brotha Lynch Hung - Season of The Siccness

Mac Mall - Untouchable

Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison

And might we suggest checking Regnyouth's Thursday, December 29 post for a nice selection of direct downloads.

* Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine
* Daft Punk - Discovery
* Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul
* Talib Kweli - The Beautiful Struggle
* Jamie Lidell - Multiply
* Damian Marley - Welcome To Jamrock
* Modest Mouse - This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About
* Sly & The Family Stone - Small Talk
* System Of A Down - Hypnotize

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