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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

I got several requests to up last night's episode of The Boondocks.

I can't really say much.

I'm a Aaron McGruder fan and I have every book he's put out (do the same).

Whatever needs to be said about MLK as well as Black folks, he put it on the table.

I think it suprises alot of people when his characters say some of the things he says. But if you've followed the comic, you know these are views he's espoused since it's inception.

McGruder is one of the more powerful voices America has right now. Not just Black people. All of America.

(Can anybody get a video clip of him speaking? I had it a few years ago and haven't seen it since.)

I'll let you all watch the episode and discuss.

The Boondocks, January 15, 2006 - "Return Of The King" Change to .avi

Backup Link

Video thanks to NquestII

I guess it's all ironic because I've been unconsciouly listening to Goodie Mob's Soul Food all day and had these two tracks on repeat without realizing the full significance of the day & the relationship these songs share with the same sentiments shared in episode.

Goodie Mob - "Fighting" & "The Day After"


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