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Retro coming back in with one of a many part series on one of the largest hip hop groups to ever exist. That's right, Wu-Tang Clan. First the members, then the collective.

Honestly, is anyone really fuckin with my dude Ghostface? I realize that each individual in the group has their own niche of fans, but Ghostface is really killing shit out there. Ghost and Meth have both been keeping the Wu name in circulation while the other members handle theirs on the low. But in terms of consistency, the title goes to Ghost-deni without a doubt.

Ironman (co-starring his PNC Raekwon), Supreme Clientele, Bulletproof Wallets, The Pretty Toney Album... all hits with the hardcore Wu fans. And all among the most solid efforts put out by the Wu. One look at this cat and you know, he's the real deal.

The custom made bathrobe, the eagle wrist piece, the bigass gold plate medallion, 4 finger ring, and some wallys. Duke is just wild. But that's his style, and it's reflected in his oratories on the mic. High pitched, off kilter, and at times completely random, you come to expect anything from Toney. Case in point, the title of this post.

But there's more to it than that. What he does, he does well. As Gotty™ would say, he keeps it 100. His credibility mirrors what he's about. Son was wanted for a multitude of crimes, hence the mask and the name. And from punching Ma$e in his pretty boy grill to stickin it to 50 Cent to smoking dust all day, don't noone in the 5 Boroughs really want it with him.

Only person wilder in the Wu was Osiris aka Dirt McGirt aka Old Dirty Bastard aka Big Baby Jesus. But to his credit, Ghost didnt stray far from his original blueprint to success. Spit the way he wanted, acted the way he wanted, wore what he wanted, said what he wanted. Regardless of the circumstances.

Toney might not have that mass appeal that everyone loves, but he's definitely real enough to showcase his wide range of emotions that he puts into songs. Some key songs come to mind when i mention this. "I Can't Sleep," "All That I Got Is You," "Never Be The Same," and "Child's Play," were all odes to what real people in the hood go through, but rarely express.

Ironman is definitely the right title for this dude. Now excuse me while I throw on a Versace bathrobe and Gucci shades to smoke a loosey outside.

Ghostface Killah

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Bulletproof Wallets

Pretty Toney Album


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