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Fine exhibition in vocal range going from high highs to the lows...

Beautiful due to the interaction between Jill & the audience....hearing the audience start before her...then midsong, asking the fellas to sing during a call & response and the baritones and bass comes through right on time...

I loved the studio version of this song....I taught it to my daughter and she can hum & sing it bar for bar with me....

But at this point, I lust for this whole album due to this song...

Jill Scott - "Do You Remember (Live)"

It's all I've been rocking today.

EDIT...DJ Shad came thru in the clutch! After three days of steady searching...hell motherfuckin yeah!

Jill Scott - Experience: Jill Scott 826 (Live)

Part 1 Part 2

I am a fan of a minimal amount of television.

Normally, it's playing in the background, out of view, while I'm doing a million other things.

And unless The Wire is on, I'm not addicted to any particular show.

I am a fan of the usuals, ESPN & the local news...but TVLand & Nick @ Nite are the staples around here.

So to hear the D-Block boys use this joint, I've been singin along loudly to the chorus like Norm on a T.G.I.Friday and the round was on the house.

D-Block - "Take Everything"

DubCee gladly pointed out that Capone-N-Noreaga used the beat first though...

CNN - "Cheers"

Call the South simplistic, minimalistic beat-driven, ignorant music all you want.

But don't tell me this track isn't just pure 2006 version of "The Mack" and certified true to the heart spit.

Remember time and time again
us tryin to make it work
we kiss fuck & break up again
man we makin the shit worse
the relationship was solid
shit was sacred at first
I did my dirt
now you thinkin i'm just a fake and a flirt
i thought you said that hurtful shit you said
because you was mad at me
but slowly i realize you said cause you ain't happy
am i meant to grow old and alone just like my daddy?
a bullseye for bitches throwin they pussy at me
I respect us too much to stand to see you sad
i rather let you go & find the man you never had
arguments and i'm sorry
we ain't bother to say
just made it harder to remember why we bothered to stay
how's good our way when we fight everyday?
remember I used to be the nigga who would brighten your day
the nig who used to say
'I miss you. Wish I could've saw you today.'
and if i call you know all i gotta say is...

T.I. - "I Want You"

...and since someone asked for it, it gives me a reason to say this now...

I didn't want to seem like I'm all over T.I.'s jock and reppin his fan club. But, this dude has gotta be my most anticipated of "mainstream" artists right now. He's found a good groove...not too trying to hard, but not going easy on the tracks. Instead, he's back to spittin some real simple "Trap Muzik" type flows which is what I've been waiting for. This single has been gettin heavy burn on radio recently but I've had it & "I Want..." on repeat for a minute now and including those two on every cd I burn lol.

T.I. - "What You Know"

All in all, this post was for an update regarding the The Smoking Section "Pass The Smoke" Challenge for the free Rapidshare Premium Account.

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We're trying to make this inviting for people to share by giving away something in return. So, take a few minutes and contribute something.

Even if you "lose", we all gain because it's more music shared with every visitor to this neck of the woods.


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