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"Death Is Certain..."


That's for certain.

Now, none of us can predict what's going to happen next.

Otherwise, we'd be on some Madame Cleo shit & sittin in the Tropics sippin something lovely.

Somehow, Cassidy going to free in give or take a year, with time served added in?

A few months ago...I don't think anyone could've predicted that if they wanted to because son looked like he was gonna be spittin those gritty vocals, C-Murder/Shyne style telephone raps.

The Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl?

Nah, nobody was seein that except a chosen few Terrible Towel-wavin stalwarts who believed.

And while we knew for a while that the D was hosting football's ultimate event, who knew the last vestiges of Motown would be razed and removed?

Jay not choosing to respond to Cam?

Chances were 50-50 even bet on that one lol. (Psst...don't believe it just yet.)

Kanye West posin' as Jesus for Rolling Stone...wait a minute, he's been doing the "I'm Jesus"/sacraficial lamb thing for a minute so that's not news.

Ahh...ok, enough of that.

I just had to find a way to mention some news and link you to it all.

I did want to give you this because I've been rockin to it. My son RussianMafiosi put me up on this joint and it's appreciated. Courtesy of Underground Railroad, a nice radio show/interview with Lord Finesse. The Funky Man chops it up on the 1's & 2's briefly and then drops jewels on the current state of Hip-Hop's Mecca, NYC. Bouncing between decades, the musical selections displayed here are on point & Finesse's words are the icing making this one good to go.

Underground Railroad - WBAI-NYC Radio Show

Note to you - Give this radio/site a looksee, as they fuck with Mumia Abu-Jamal and have his take on New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's 'Chocolate City Dreams & Vanilla Realities'

Next up, that dude Big Speech dropped off his latest offering of instrumental beats for me, you hungry DJ's & MC's to listen to. They were like a nice cognac...not too overpowering in taste, but good enough that you know you were fucked up once you listened to a few lol. He's doing his thing so give him a listen and to get more info hit his myspace page or Enjoy!

Big Speech - Dreams for the Insomniac Instrumentals LP

While browsing and tracking back hits, I ran across White Barry and found a few jewels. Namely, I've been blasting Gnarls Barkley's (Danger Mouse & Cee-Lo Green) "Crazy" (Note - Please play this joint loud!)but even more I found some jazz.

On the eve of the federal election here in Canada, I bring you one of the most revered concerts in the country's short history. On May 15, 1953 Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Charlie Mingus, and Max Roach performed at Massey Hall in Toronto. The performance, which has been called the greatest jazz concert ever, was recorded by Mingus and eventually released on Roach's record label. Oh, to be alive in 1953! Unfortunately, the concert's promoters failed to consider that a heavyweight championship between Rocky Marciano and Joe Walcott may draw away from the crowd size. In the end, Massey Hall was more than half empty... But at least it was all captured on tape!

This joint has been flowing on a nice volume for the majority of the day while Gnarls took care of my late nite's.

The Quintet - Jazz at Massey Hall (From May 15, 1953)

Last but not least...yes, I'm serious.

I do plan on giving this thing up pretty soon*. Maybe not totally but I will be cutting back my involvement considerably. No Too Short/Jay-z false retirement here.

In a short & concise reasoning statement...

1. I need more time to get back in the streets a little.

2. This shit is time consuming for real. I love you all & I love to share...but it's rough some days finding music, the inspiration to write about something, coding links, etc etc...all in one, it's QU hectic.

3. It's making me feel old because, admittedly, I'm not as in touch with the current pulse of hip-hop as I should be. Yeah, I can still pick a winner early and tell you what's hot. But I know there's more out there that I want somebody to take up the torch and speak about. (If you're out there, step up & contribute...hell, take up the baton!)

4. I'm writing a book.

Yeah...exactly what I said.

No details just yet but tenative titles that are being decided....

"Get Behind Me Satan"

"Things Of That Nature"

"Memoirs Of An Intelligent Hoodlum"

"Lily In The Valley"

"It's Better To Go To Hell On Your Own..."

I'm bout to self-publish, go that Jim Jones/Koch money route lol.

In stores, 2008. Fuck with your folks & cop that when you see it. Catch me on Oprah spittin the real, no James Frey.

Considering our humble origins, an average of 5K visitors/day for a week or two will = original mission accomplished and we're dumb close right about now.

The way I figure it, we started from the ground up. So to hit those numbers for a week straight is basically like average Wilt Chamberlin sexual statistics lol.

* If God lights my path & says "Gotty keep doing it", I must. But let's hope he uses some form of enlightenment that equals dollars signs & an even more enhanced form of joy that I already recieve from being a part of this thing of ours.


John Gotty™

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