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"It Was The Best Of Time; It Was The Worst Of Times..."

...It was 2005.

So it's the end of the year.

We were real reluctant to do a big "end of the year" write-up because it seems so standard.

So here it is in a nutshell.

We started out as uno,Gotty™, sending an email with a few songs, old & new, to a group of about five to ten friends.

Sort of a daily inspirational/"music makes me high" deal.

That was roughly March of this year.

It grew.

We created this spot & started posting here around May/June.

It, too, grew.

Roughly 200,000 visitors later, here we are.

That was our online year.

What happened in with rest of the world...well Skillz can cover that for you.

If you're not familiar, Skillz (formerly Mad Skillz) had a few tracks back in the day...."The Nod Factor" & a few hot mixtape tracks. But in recent years, he's slid off the scene, only to show up at the end of each year with the "The Rap Up" and each one has been entertaining & amusing. Skillz manages to run down all the major news in entertainment and the world, all from the perspective of a former one-hit wonder/current parking lot attendant in Va./ghostwriter to some top shelf label talents.

Previous years' entries

Skillz - "The Rap Up"




And now, this year's version...

Skillz - The Wrap Up 2005

Throughout our short time here, we've tried to lace you with the new, the different, the unheard. I believe this album qualifies as such. Check the blurb then check the album.

This trio consists of Christian McBride, Ahmir Thompson aka ?uestlove and Uri Caine. The musical palette of this group is amazing, especially for a three piece. They do enlist some help from guitar virtuoso Pat Martino and session horn man Jon Swana on a few tracks, which just adds to the color. My favorite tracks are the numerous funkier groove numbers on the disk. Craine's tribute to Grover Washington, aptly titled "Grover," "Call for All Demons" by the jazz mystic Sun Ra and Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man Theme" are all 24/7 head boppin' good. But it's the vibrant keys, the staccato drums and the bubbling bass of "Ain't It the Truth" that really does it for me, including a McBride solo that gives new meaning to funky. On the more abstract tip are "Lesson #4" and the extremely heady "(re)MOVEd" which comes complete with modified siren sound effects. As a bonus, Christian McBride does a bass only version of Bill Withers' "Just the Two of Us," which is awesome.

The Philadelphia Experiment - The Philadelphia Experiment (2001)

Normally, we don't get a chance to allow true independents to shine. However, the mood is blissful over here right about now & my dude hit me up with a request so we put him down.

Hailing from the eastside of Long Beach Ca. by way of Washington D.C.,comes Big Speech! A veteran out of the Black Mob camp is back with an all new cd called "The Passion". With cameos from the Black Mob capo's - Alias,Black Lou, Sally Balls and guest vocals by Slim Thug, 2pac, Big C-Style and Eric Wright, this is a tremendous event for your ears!! All production was handled by Big Speech. Nineteen tracks of pure fire for your audio. Check it out.

Big Speech - The Passion

And now, time for some straight rambling to finish the year off...straight like the end of the album & dudes is just doing the do on the outro!

1.) This is one of the best R&B albums to come out in the past two decades. This joint, to me, is the the R&B version of "the purple tape" from Raekwon...we'll start dubbin this one, "the red tape". Fuck the golden showers, the court cases & the strange personality. All R. Kelly needs to do is keep puttin out hits and we'll ultimately forgive all his misgivings, because through it all, our artists are here to entertain, period. And the man has managed to do that throughout the years.

R. Kelly - R

2.) Two songs that are tough & have been in constant rotation the past two days...

a.) Teedra Moses - "Just Wanna Be Your Girl"

Why? The beat is infectious & it's innocently smooth. I've been runnin around singin the chick parts no homo. It's just got a real feel good vibe to it (I kept listening to it over & over again on D.Rose's Myspace page til finally I just had to go ahead and grab it.

b.) Joe Budden, Jae Millz & Stack Bundles - "6 Minutes of Death"

Simply because Joey shitted all over this track & did what he does best, spit.

3.) No matter how we grow and change, our essence is that raw boom-bap, aggresive hip-hop. There's alot of songs that epitomize that sound but this has gotta be one of the best. The only other track I can honestly remember these dudes coming out with was "Change The Style" and I remember they had a wacky type video that ran on Rap City way back in the day. I don't care. This one song was enough to cement them in my memory for life.

Son Of Bezerk - "What Could Be Better Bitch"

4.) Pimp C is FREE!..yep, comin home today. Chea chea chea!!! Now I just want the federal penitentiary system to free my brother JM aka Cookiehead,my other brother Ichy and my lil cousin Jay and most of life will be back in order.

5.) I, Gotty™, wanna give credit to the original folk in the email group who listened to me rant and the few who encouraged me to do this shit. And I want to give an extra special birdcall shoutout to NquestII and CIPH4 who help me update and make changes to this piece on the reg...and listen to my rants and wishes. Dally, MrC, Dingle, Retro, The Facts, Froz1, Louie Po/Dominicanluimi, Donpoppa, HtownTXballa, Kim L aka F Lupus...the whole Co-D's page...respect due. Be sure to go to their page and give them some comments & show them some love.

6.) Despite all the music we share with you, never forget to go out & support your favorite artists yo. They gotta eat too.

7.) I want to thank you (yeah, you reading this) sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. Celebrate with us & let's throw up more comments than you all ever have before lol.


John Gotty™

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Our Requests

Gene Harris - In a Special Way (Blue Note)

Mob Style - Game Of Death or any other album

Julie Dexter - Conscious/Dexterity

Stray Shots

Don't worry...we'll be dropping quite a few more in here today so check back.

Check MrC's page on here, "Goddamn That DJ Made My Day, to see what he's got in store for you.

Peep over at The Charivarious Section to see some good Erykah Badu footage & a beautiful selection of jazz.

Lil Wayne - Prefix

Lil Wayne - The Suffix

Cage - Movies for the Blind

Cage - Hellz Winter

Cage - WaterWorld

DJ C-Wiz - Still Pimpin

Anthony Hamilton - Coming From Where I'm From

Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be

The Isley Brothers- Mission to Please

M.I.A. vs. Diplo - Piracy Funds Terrorism, Volume 1

M.I.A. - Arular + Bonus Tracks

Mos Def - Black On Both Sides

Curtis Mayfield Superfly

Rah Digga - Dirty Harriet

Busta Rhymes - Genesis

Freddie Hubbard - Looking Up Fixed

Brick - The Best Of Brick

Billie Holiday - Lady In Satin

Cunninlynguists - Sloppy Seconds Vol. 2

Quasimoto - The Further Adventures of Lord Quas

J-Zone - A Job Ain't Nothin But Work

Chino XL - Here To Save You All

Common - Be

Allstar - Hatin’ Ain’t Healthy vol 1

StreetSweepers presents Skarr Akbar The General

Lloyd- Southside

StreetSweepers Presents Freestyles Vol 2 Hosted By PostaBoy

Big L- Harlem's Finest

Rare Freestyles Vol. 1

Young Buck and D-Tay- Da Underground

Mitch Headburg - Mitch All Together

Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer

James Brown - Funky People Part 2

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