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"Smart Dumb Aggins..."

Why the picture?


Plus the fact that Neilthe206King has been putting me on to some nice Ricky Powell photos.

This one..."Sophisticated Bums"

Spizzy put me on to this one album though.

And it's been stuck ever since.

A beautiful fusion of funk with jazz ideals and instrumentation.

But don't those two genres sorta clash?

Jazz = Cool, laidback.

Funk = In your face, brash, loud.

Melodic. Harsh and cutting at times. Isn't that a paradox of some sort?

Either way, this some of the illest sounds ever created by music.

Herbie Hancock - Headhunters

I'm not the biggest Christmas freak but I do enjoy the, family, good times, gift giving, shopping, spreading love, blase blase blah. And since we're reppin the tastes of a music loving public, we figured it was only right that we dropped a few holiday inspired joints for you. And while I'm not a huge fan of Christmas albums, I can remember this being one of those I sorta snuck around and listened to when it first dropped lol.

Boyz II Men - Christmas Interpretations

And we'll try to up a few more. Consider this the first of the batch.

Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas

Nat King Cole - Merry Christmas

You know how churches put up those "Reason For The Season" signs right about now?

We're not gonna do that.

But one of my lil homies did write something that sorta gave me "whoa...true that. that's real talk right there" type feelings after I read it. Since I've been dying to find a context relevant enough to post it, here you go. Give it a read.

This is about realtionships. Do you have a good dating relatioship? Is it a good relationship if y'all don't talk on the phone, is it a relationship if y'all never spend time with each other. Ladies is it a relationship if when he is with his friends and sees you he ignores you. Is it a relationship if every time your birthday comes along he doesnt get you anything. Fellas is it a relationship if you see her cheating on you with someone else.Of course all the answers to these questions are no. Yet why do so many Christians think they have a relationship with God, yet we cheat on Him with the devil, and the world,and deny Him in front of our friends, we never spend time with Him, and we never give Him a dime. This is just a small example how we neglect God.

I'm not religious but am spiritual so after I read that, I did go give someone needy a dollar lol. Fuck it yo, we're giving all the time around these parts sharing music so God gotta know my heart means well lol.

But here's a little more holiday cheer we're gonna spread your way.


40% @ and speciality stores.
30% @ Timberland outlet stores.


Friday Dec. 2 - Sunday Dec. 4

Macys Friends and Family

Nov 30- Dec 4 20% off coupon: 2HJ54FD9MA8X and 2HJ54FD9MA8X

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Eastbay/Footlocker/Champ's/Footaction Friends & Family 30% Off

code is FF5D2FA2

Thursday Dec. 1 - Sunday Dec. 4

Big ups to Dally, Spizzy and everybody else who's name I may have forgotten or not been given. Musical contributions are what keeps this spot jumpin.

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Gotty ™

Save Tookie

OUR Requests...yeah, we need help too sometimes lol.

* Boogie Down Productions - Sex & Violence (Why everybody else has their requests filled but goddamn Gotty can't get his I have no idea!) EDIT - REQUEST FILLED!!! CHOOCH FOR PRESIDENT!

* Goapele - Change It All
* Natalise - I Came To Play
* Erin Jennae - Have You Seen Me
* Adina Howard - Private Show
* Glenn Lewis - Back For More
* Tony Toni Tone - House Of Music | Sons Of Soul | The Revival

Stray Shots

(We'll be adding more and more so be sure to check back)

Will I Am - Lost Change (Instrumental)

Nas - Stillmatic (instrumental)

Kanye West - Freshman Adjustment 2

Ja Rule - Exodus

PW is most

702 - No Doubt

Best Of Bill Withers

DJ Absolut - Pay Per View

World Wide Legacy Present Hell Rell - Hell In Harlem 2

40 Cal - 40 Calories

Twista - 2_For_10

Fort Minor - Rising Tide (Bonus Tracks Limited Edition)

Prince - The Black Album

Fort Minor - Rising Tide (Bonus Tracks Limited Edition)

Slum village - Trinity

Part 1 Part 2

Prince Paul - Hip Hop Gold Dust

Madlib - Sound Directions - The Funky Side Of Life

Geto Boys - We Can't Be Stopped

Flipsyde - We The People

PW is

The RnB Yearbook

CD 1.
01 - Akon - Lonely.
02 - Mario - Let me love you.
03 - Jennifer Lopez - Get right.
04 - Amerie - 1 thing.
05 - Christina Milian - Dip it low.
06 - John Legend - Ordinary people.
07 - Kanye West - Through the wire.
08 - Blu Cantrell feat Sean Paul - Breathe.
09 - Nelly - My place.
10 - R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix).
11 - Usher - Caught up.
12 - Fugees - No woman, no cry.
13 - Jojo - Leave (get out).
14 - Ashanti - Only u.
15 - Ciara feat Petey Pablo - Goodies.
16 - Cam'ron feat Mona Lisa - Girls.
17 - Outkast - Hey ya!
18 - Nina Sky - Move your body.
19 - Eamon - F*** it (I don't want you back).
20 - Black Eyed Peas - Shut up.
CD 2.
01 - 2Pac feat Elton John - Ghetto gospel.
02 - Will Smith - Switch.
03 - 50 Cent - In da club.
04 - Nelly feat Kelly Rowland - Dilemma.
05 - Wyclef Jean - Gone till November.
06 - Terror Squad - Lean back.
07 - J-Kwon - Tipsy.
08 - Salt n Pepa - Push it.
09 - LL Cool J feat 7 Aurelius - Hush.
10 - JA Rule - Caught up.
11 - Justin Timberlake - Rock your body.
12 - Cassidy - AM to PM.
13 - Britney Spears - Do somethin'.
14 - Sisgo - Thong song.
15 - Mis-Teeq - Scandalous.
16 - Frankee - FU right back.
17 - Bow Wow feat Omarion - Let me hold you.
18 - Friday Hill - Baby goodbye.
19 - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime.
20 - Usher & Alicia Keys - My boo.

Part 1 Part 2

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