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"Straight Gangsterism"

Yeah...I know Mike ain't in that pic but goddamn when those four motherfuckers were together they put the South on the map for a Southerner. We knew we had talent when these boys dropped.

Fresh off a split with original member Willie D, the Geto Boys didn't miss a beat. In fact, the addition of Big Mike added more lyrical ferocity to the group. Mike had already proven himself as a member of The Convicts ("Free World" anyone? Don't sleep on "the Pita Man"). With another artist added to the group who focused on a balance of delivery and lyrics, Scarface only stepped his game up further.

All three members, Bushwick, Face & Mike, ripped "Mr. Officer". On solo efforts, they brought heat to the track. But, it was when you hear Mike & Face paired up that you see the true power of these two, on some Twin Towers, Olajuwon & Sampson, 'Zo & Zeke type shit. "No Nuts No Glory," "Straight Gangsterism"...Mike doin his do...."Raise Up"...'Face solo..."Murder After Midnight"...woohoo.

Dare I say, 'Face owes part of his legacy to Mike pushin him on this particular album.

Geto Boys-Til Death Do Us Part

Real talk.

We been on these two dudes bandwagon early. Continuing effort to keep their work up front and in focus.

Lyfe Jennings - Live From The House Of Blues (2005)


John Legend - Get Lifted/Live at the House of Blues (2005)

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And you already know about our love affair with...oh shit, maybe we haven't featured her yet. Be on the lookout then yo. It's coming no homo. Check for the tracklist on the import. It looks to be an interesting effort and it's good to see all the remixes and such in one condensed collection.

Alicia Keys - Remixed & Unplugged In A Minor [IMPORT]

Alicia Keys - Unplugged

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Word finally leaked on why Arnold didn't grant Tookie clemency...


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Stray Shots

Silkk the Shocker-Charge It To The Game

Above The Rim Soundtrack



PW is AJ21


Melvin Riley (lead singer from RFTW) - Ghetto Love

KRS-One - Spiritual Minded Fresh Link, No PW

Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

Beck - Guerolito


DJ Drama & Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die (Gangsta Grillz Edition)

Young Jeezy - Tha Streets Iz Watchin Mixtape

Joe_Budden-Its_That_On_Top_Musik (All 6 Volumes)

Change .exe to .rar

PW is jolie


PW is CDMAN77554


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504 Boyz - Goodfellas


DJ L - Juelz Santana Diamond In The Ruff


Slave - Stellar Funk - The Best Of Slave and Steve Arrington

Part 1
Part 2

Rufus - Rags To Rufus (1974)

The Best Of Acid Jazz Volume 2

Cory Gunz - The Apprentice Mixtape

PW is agfrom203

Cory Gunz-The Apprentice Mixtape Vol. 2

PW is gunz

Cory Gunz - The Apprentice Mixtape Season Finale (Volume 3)

DJ Diggz-Diary Of A Winter-(Bootleg)-2005



DJ Envy-Live_From_The_Windy_City-2005

Trick Trick- The People Vs

Rent The Motion Picture Sdtk.

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PW is potter


Juvenile - Reality Check (Advance)

New Edition Discography

Candy Girl

New Edition

All For Love

Blue Moon

N.E. Heartbreak

Home Again

One Love

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