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Rule #1 of these mixtapes - Get your own fuckin tracklisting or download it and see. We choose not to waste page space posting all the tracklistings. Rule #2 - Get'em while they're up. Once the bandwith starts getting flooded, the servers pull the file. Which leads us to....Rule #3- Reup if somebody asks and you have it. Don't wait for us because we might not have it anymore.

We been lunchin on our mixtape game so we figured we feed you a little bit.

So we decided to get back on our grizzly and part of what gave us a foot in the game.

Real talk though, mixtapes been slackin.

Nobody's really puttin out any major heat except a few minor brush fires here and there.

Same formula...the same "exclusives", a diss track, four leaked singles. Then a mix of bullshit topped off with six tracks @ the end from cats you never heard of...(Note to self - I'd be pissed if my track got stuck @ the end of a Slay tape. That would mean my shit was trash and only made it because of payola lol).

I say Clue need to bring it back. Or Budden needs to go ahead and drop his next joint.

Game still doin his thing. Fuck that lil dude HTown. Game, butterfly tat and all, got more lyrical skills than the majority of G-Unit combined...please refer to "120 Bars" & "Lowrider"...shit's en fuego & E-40's on there with his whole sickness and slanguage. Let's hope Game doesn't let this beef shit take him over though.

The Game, N.J. Devil, DJ Skee & DJ Clue - Stop Snitchin, Stop Lying

What the fuck is a Papoose?

Listen and find out.

True story though, he's next in line in the second platoon of mixtape cats.

A Moment Of Silence

Election Day

Street Knowledge

A Bootlegger's Nightmare

Mixtape Murder (Runnin The City)

Beast From The East


Juelz & The Crack Collection

(Aiyo somebody get these while they hot in case they go down because I already know we'll need a reup somewhere along the line).

Back Like Cooked Crack

Back Like Cooked Crack 2: More Crack

Back Like Cooked Crack 3: Fiend Out

PW is mariel619

Proud to say we was on the Kanye bandwagon way before son blew and anybody in my circle can confirm that. They'll tell you also how I worked their nerves trying to get them to listen to both Kanye and John Legend after the I'm Good mixtape haha.

Kayne West Mixtapes

College Dropout Mixtape

Early Enrollment

FreshMan AdjustMent

FreshMan AdjustMent2

Get Well Soon (After Accident)

High School Graduate

I'm Good

Backup Link


JeniusLevelMusik 2

Kanye West - Live

Kon Louis Viton Don

The Late Mixtape

The Lost Tapes

Summer School

We Major In This

PW is mariel619

Hell Rell - Hell In Harlem 2


DJ Smallz & DJ Kay Slay- Southern Smoke 23

DJ_And-Town: From Da South 2 Da West (Hosted By Lil Weavah & Game)


PW is wonder

And a collection of singles to hold you down and try to keep you ahead of the game as we always do.

50 Cent & La The Darkman - "Life In The Fast Lane"
Youngbloodz feat Lil Scrappy - "Excuse Me Shawty"
T.I. Juelz Santana & Cam'ron - "Royalty"
Game feat. E-40, Paul Wall, etc - "Lowrider"
Nas - "Talk Of New York"
Anthony Hamilton - "Pass Me Over"
T.I. - "Get Up Out"
Fabolous feat. Billionaire - "Get It Poppin"
Lupe Fiasco - "Hustlaz Song"


Oh yeah...youse a Rap City Kid if you remember this banger. Far ahead of it's time.

Wu-Syndicate - "Where Was Heaven?"

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Oh yeah....Free subscription to Vibe magazine? Click here, answer "no" to the questions and you're good. Merry Fuckin Xmas!

Come see me/us @ myspace as well. Fuck it yo, you already killin time.

We'll come back with a thorough post soon enough.




Celly Cell - Heat 4 Yo Azz

Some Download Tips

We get this questions all the time.

"How do I change to .rar?"


Two ways.

1. A. Download the file.

B. Right-click, rename, go to the end of the file and (if needed) delete the extension (.pot, .mzt, whatever) and add .rar.

2. A. Download the file.

B. Open with Winrar.

C. Rename it there.

And we're trying beta-YSI (Yousendit) links to see how they work. Here's some brief instructions.

beta-YSI links will last for up to 500 downloads, so whenever u see a beta.yousendit link, don't trip. After 25 downloads, its not gonna let people without free accounts download, but the link will still be working for those who do have an account. So the solution to all of this is to.... make an account.

Go to

Make a free account

Once your account is up, activate it and then login. Once logged into the site, copy paste the link and now try to download, and this time it will start sending instead of giving you the error.

Now you can enjoy the many benefits that YSI gives us (no waits, more than 1 server to download from @ a time, maxing your connection out).

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