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We've recently been browsing other blogs to see what the vibe is like elsewhere while trying to hone in on our own niche & vibe. Now, I'm the first to tell you our shit DOES NOT stink & we on our own dicks. But I gotta give props where props are due. Alot of other sites are doing interesting things with their work & it's worth a look. The beauty of the emergence of blogs is that the average joe with words can share their views on various topics with the world. And with so many people contributing, there's bound to be someone doing something to which everyone can relate. Additionally, blogs are becoming one of the major ways to show the thoughts of the average person, have their voice heard & offset the constant badgering and forcefeeding of ideas that mainstream media is force feeding us.


• We've spoke on this before - the state the relationship of the first generation of hip-hop babies & the current generation of fans and Rachel Tavern asks are "Are Hip Hop's Old Heads Whining Too Much?" Of course, they are. But it's only because if one had a hand in raising a child, watched it grow & saw it taking a turn for the worse, or losing track of it's roots, wouldn't you speak up? Whatever your take, the article is worth a read.

Styles By The Gram has an interesting Wu-Tang fixation, similar to Dingle'sr Neptunes/Clipse love affair over at Am I High? lol (shoutouts to that dude!), that is applaudable. Most notably, their feature spot on Ghost Deni droppin knowledge on shoes, slang & style in promo spots on MTV2 earlier in the year called "The World According To Pretty Toney", which are short, sweet & definitely worth watching.

The Brilliance and highsnobiety both do a wonderful job mixing fashion, music, everything couture, entertainment & everything else irrelevant but very entertaining.

Coke & rap?

No I don't mean selling cooked up coke.

I mean the actual usage.

Think it doesn't exist?

I can tell you from firsthand experience that it does.

You prolly may/may not be suprised how many of your favorite artists treat their noses with that blow.

A Silent Flute always brings an interesting take on all things social & urban and their article on "Is cocaine raps most unsung substance?" is an interesting read.

Still not satisfied with those offerings?

Check out Hip-Hop-Blogs for a listing of more hip-hop related blogs.

But remember where your home is homie.

The one site that's basically the archtype for us has always been Regnyouth without a doubt. Personally, their style & offerings have always been greatly appreciated.

And as of recently, with the holiday season & all the emotional tidal waves folks have been going thru, we've been recieving tons of requests and especially alot for "soul searching", introspective type music. For that, we leaned on Regnyouth to pick out some offerings that would cover that base because the music they offer covers the whole spectrum or at least touches each. All of these offerings come from there and we wholeheartedly suggest checking there for more.

Bob Marley - Acoustic Sessions

Grover Washington - Live At The Bijou

Ramsey Lewis - Funky Serenity

Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop

In particular, we stumbled across this writeup & album & remembered how moving this album is. The tracks mentioned in the article are indeed spectacular without a doubt so listen & enjoy.

Words & link from

After spending 12 years as a member of Bob Marley's Wailers, Peter Tosh was eager to break free from the shadow of the legendary frontman. In 1976, he released 'Legalize It', still one of the most significant albums in the history of reggae. The title track expresses one of Tosh's many political causes, justifying the legalization of marijuana as a remedy for various medical ailments. 'Burial' is one of several tracks that features the talents of the Wailers' stand-out lead guitarist, Al Anderson. Tosh adds his own seasoning to the reggae pot as he incorporates keyboards in 'Whatcha Gonna Do' and synthesizers and sound effects on 'Igziabeher'. 'Ketchy Shuby', a sing-along about fooling around, features the background vocal talents of Rita Marley, Bunny Wailer, and Judy Mowatt. Tosh's life ended too early, and 'Legalize It' is the strongest testament to his legacy. Take a listen, and share the spirit of his genius.

Peter Tosh - Legalize It

And personally, I've been reading quite a few more politically charged books & materials & nothing out today can really touch the following offerings that tap into the musically side of that spirit. I'm a casual fan of spoken word poetry. At times, it's a beautiful especially if done right & has something to share. But, most of the time when I hit coffeeshop type shows, everyone is babbling fast & not articulating and much less offering nothign of substance, imitating what they heard on Def Poetry Jam instead of being original.

Not the case with these three features.

Coming to acclaim in the changing times of 1960's & 70's, the Last Poets & Gil-Scott Heron have been adopted & remain hip-hop mainstays. I struggle to find the right words to promote them and encourage listeners to check for them...the most I can say is that The Last Poets will move you, especially on "The White Man's Got A God Complex," "Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution," & "When The Revolution Comes." While I think older generations of artists and adults place far too much emphasis on the Civil Rights & Black Power movements today, these albums do allow for listeners to understand the fervor and energy the times possessed, something that simply reading a book or hearing a story told simply cannot convey.

The Last Poets - Real Rap (Two Discs)

Disc 1 Disc 2

Gil Scott-Heron - Pieces of a Man

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - Winter In America

Gil Scott-Heron - Ghetto Style

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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Gene Harris - In a Special Way (Blue Note)
I'm Bout It Soundtrack

Mob Style - Game Of Death

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Alicia Keys - "Every Little Bit Hurts" (Two Different Versions)

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Freeway- Free At Last (Sampler)

Scarface- The Diary

Donell Jones - Joureny of a Gemini [Advance]

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Immortal Technique - The Black Cargo

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