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God Made Me Funky

I really don't know shit about go-go music.

I mean, no more than the basics...the bands, the originators, some of the history and certain songs.

So I had to do some referencing to make a clear and readable post...

From The History Of Go-Go"

(Chuck)Brown explains that he came up with a new playing style – later tagged Go-Go – purely out of necessity. "Disco DJ’s started taking our shows," he points out. "They were cheaper and because of mixing they could keep the dance floor packed. People no longer liked the pause in between songs." In response, "the Godfather" started experimenting with a style that enabled his band to continue into the next song without ever stopping. He let the percussion section – drums and congas – take over, while he talked to the crowd. The call and response lyrics, and percussion work that developed became the benchmark of Go-Go.

Keep in mind that the extended groove was already the cornerstone of 70’s funk and soul. Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, War, and George Clinton, among others, started taking their grooves out to 10 and sometimes 15 minutes. Chuck Brown took it even further. He joined different grooves into one continuous set that lasted as long as two hours. The crowd response was overwhelming. Almost over night young bands throughout the city studied the new style. They imitated it, added their own spin, and a new music began to take form. They called it Go-Go, a term that, at the time, simply meant a party. Remember Smokey Robinson’s hit "Going to a Go-Go?"

From Wikipedia

Go-go is defined by continuous, complex, heavy rhythm arrangements focused through two motifs performed on multiple congas, tumbadoras, and rototoms, interspersed with timbale and cowbell parts, driven by heavy-footed drumming and punctuated by crowd call-and-response. A swing rhythm is often implied (if not explicitly stated).

Many of these bands still perform today, along with successive generations of bands. Go-Go is always performed lives in nightclubs, neighborhood parties, and sometimes with famous singers. Most Go-Go was recorded on tape and given out for free back in the day, now a days it is recorded on CD and sold to thousands in the DC/MD/VA area. Go-Go is one of the most unique musics in america today to african americans that only the DC/MD area knows.

From a friend who's a DC head...(black Nikes, grey New Balances & homegrown clothing brands...DC is on it's own nuts and got it's own style...fully respect that).

Go-go music is exclusive to DC. If you're not from DC then you might have heard of it but don't know exactly what it is. It's played with mostly percussion instruments--drums, congo drums, cow bell, tamborine, some guitar/bass, some piano/keyboard.

There is no specific dance that you do to go-go music. It's sorta like when you hear the music you just go for it. You can dance alone or with a partner. Whatever goes. When I was coming up there were a few clubs that were exclusively go-go clubs but mostly bands traveled to different clubs and played on different nights. When I was in high school it was (of course Friday & Saturday) but other big club nights were Sundays and Tuesdays. You went with friends and you got there early (10:30pm) so you only had to pay $5 or if you got there early enough ladies were let in free. But the band didn't start playing until about 12:30am or 1. By then the place is packed with people and the music starts and you just start to dance until the band stops playing (about 4 maybe 5am).

I don't know the method or logic to what songs bands decide to cover. They seem to do whatever is popular at the time. But I'm sure they take into account the beat and all that other it would sound with a go-go beat. Go-go is sort of call and response between the band and the audience. That's probably one of the most fun parts of going to the go-go. The beats are real heavy and rhythmic.

Now, after that long ass history lesson, what the hell does all that mean?

1. The majority of us have heard "Da Butt" and had no idea it was classified as go-go. Go-go is to DC what house is to Chi/Detroit, crunk is to Atlanta, buck is to Memphis, second lines are to the NO...strong regionally but not widely accepted or even heard of outside of those regions. But...

2. It's funky. You HAVE to move when you hear it. It's music that will force you as a audience member or listener to participate.

3. All I know is, Rare Essence took this cornball song that we all know the lyrics to by osmosis, and made it so soulful that I've been singin it the past four days without being able to help and not really giving a fuck either.

Rare Essence - "Pieces Of Me"

(Convert from wma to mp3 with whatever player you use)

And we'll feature a little more of the music so you can get a full taste.

CCB (Critical Condition Band) - 10/1/05

CCB - We Here Now (Studio)

RE (Rare Essence) - 10/25/05

BYB (Backyard Band) - 10/9/05

MOB(Money Over Bitches) - 11/10/05 at Buds 501 Club

PW is

Respect due to knowledgebones & GMills from HT.

Since funk has been referenced quite a few times in today's and other recent posts, let us present to you...funk (Really, I just been looking for a reason to post this joint b/c I love it haha).

Parliament - Greatest Hits

Ahh...unreleased Prince is always a gem for the collection of any music lover. Prince as a person and his art seem to transcend all race, creed, age, and any other imaginable boundary. Pushing the envelope with remarkable results has always been his calling card.

Prince & What Purple Rain Could Have Been

01 Darling Nikki (Unreleased Version)
02 Electric Intercourse (Unreleased Purple Rain Track Live)
03 Erotic City (Rehearsal Soundboard)
04 I Would Die 4 U (Unreleased Version)
05 The Beautiful Ones (Unreleased Version)
06 Take Me With U (Unreleased Version)
07 When Doves Cry (Live Soundboard Full Version)
08 Purple Rain (12 Minute Version From Soundboard)

Here's a nice little collective.

It's missing a few "must have's" but still strong. LL. Kool Moe Dee. Jada vs. Beans. BDP. Roxanne. It's a history lesson.

FYI, the greatest diss ever - "The Bitch In Yoo" by Common.

01.bash brothers -intro [00:36]
02.tupac -hit em up [05:06]
03.jay z -take over [04:12]
04.nas -either [04:36]
05.bdp -south bronx [03:21]
06.bdp -the bridge is over [02:32]
07.common -the bitch in yoo [03:36]
08.dr. dre -dre day [02:34] cube -no vaseline [03:59]
10.cannibus -2nd round ko [03:03]
11.roxanne -the real roxanne [04:25]
12.ll cool j -da break of dawn [04:04]
13.ll cool j -jack the ripper [03:52]
14.kool moe dee -lets go [04:14]
15.beanie sigel -empire strikes back [03:22]
16.jadakiss - fuck beanie freestyle [02:01] lyte -10% dis [04:16]
18.eazy e feat. bg & dresta -real g'z [04:29]
19.eminem -nail in the coffin [03:19]
20.tim dog - fuck compton [03:08]
21.50 cent -back down [03:14]
22.tressa -outro [01:12]

Shots Fired - The 20 Greatest Diss Songs

Even though upon first listen I don't this is gonna be up to par with their previous albums...Jagged Edge > your favorite R&B act.

Jagged Edge - Jagged Edge (Advance)

Someone requested this joint & Dingle over @ AMIHIGH? came thru in the clutch.

Q-Tip - Kamaal The Abstract

If your a fan of Eminem, chances are you'll want to click into Dante's Inferno for a sixteen volume collection of his work and another Shady contributed by MrC. As well, The Notorious D.A.L.L.Y. checked in with his usual drop of a massive Biggie collective that we dropped in the Inferno. Click the link above and he's got some other gems floating around over there on his page that he's witholding from us lol.

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R.I.P. to the Muhammed Ali of standup comedy.

If you've never heard Rich's drug stories or the Mudbone character, now's a good time. Truly, I don't think I actually listened to a comedy album and enjoyed it before checking this man's work. To hear a motherfucker say he "snorted up half of Peru" is just some funny shit.

"Mudbone - Intro & Little Feets"

Abridged Discography

Is It Something I Said?

Live On The Sunset Strip

Bicentennial Nigger


That Nigger's Crazy!

That Nigger's Still Crazy

God bless the dead.

Our Requests

Celly Cell - Heat 4 Yo Azz
KRS-One - Spiritual Minded
Any Last Poets work

Stray Shots

MC Lyte - Lyte As A Rock

Notorious B.I.G Live In Amsterdam

FunkMaster Flex- Car Show Tour

New Edition - N.E. Heartbreak

Jamaal - Last Chance, No Breaks

Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers - Killing You For Fun

Young Zee- Musical Meltdown(1996)

Brokin English Klik- Brokin English Klik (1993)

Biz Markie- All Sample Cleared(1993)

Clipse- Got It For Cheap Vol. 1

Curtis Mayfield - Live In Chicago (1973)

PW is fish1

Lil Wayne- Dedication Mixtape

Lil Wayne- Tha Prefix


Swishahouse_Presents Paul Wall- The Mixtape


MC Ren - The Shock Of The Hour

Immortal Technique - The Black Cargo

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Creepin On Da Come Up

Disturbing The Peace - Golden Grain

Rob_N_Hood_and_Radio-Civil_War_Pt. 3

Eminem Presents D12

Scarface- The Diary

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme - Deluxe Edition

Peaches & Herb- The Millennium Collection

M.O.P. - St. Marksmen


3-6 Mafia - The Most Known Unknowns

Ready For The World - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: Best of Ready for The World Fresh Link

DJ Format & DJ Psycho Pab - Extended Album Party Mix

PW is MrC666

The Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out!

Part 1
Part 2

PW is MrC2043

Jamiroquai Discography

Emergency On Planet Earth (1993)

The Return Of The Space Cowboy (1995)

Traveling Without Moving (1997)

Synkronized (1999)

A Funk Odyssey (2001)

Dynamite (2005)

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