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"You Bucking Me, I'm Bucking Right Back At You..."

Yea, yea, check it out
Now run for your life or you wanna get your heat, whatever
We can die together
As long as I send your maggot ass to the esscense
I don't give a fuk about my prescence
I'm lost in the blocks of hate and can't wait
For the next crab nigga to step and meet fate
I'm lethal when I see you, there is no sequel
24-7. Mac 11 is my people
So why you wanna end your little life like this
Cuz now you bump head wit kids that's lifeless
I live by the day only if I survive the last night
Damn, right, I ain't trying to fight
We can settle this like some grown men on the concrete floor
My slugs will put a stop to your hardcore
Ways of action, I grab the gat and
Ain't no turning back when I start blasting
Pick up the handle and insert the potion
Cock the shit back in a calm like motion
No signs of anger or fear cuz you the one in danger
Never share your plans wit a stranger, word is born


All star lineup, all in their prime.

Noyd will always be slept on.

"waaah waaaah waahhhhh" = bananas on the beat.

Classic material.

Mobb Deep feat. Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface Killer, Big Noyd - "Right Back At You"

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Fourty Three Singles

T.I. - "Trap Money"
T.I. - "We Pimpin"
LLoyd Banks - "Nobody Believes Me"
Beyonce ft. Slim Thug and Bun B - "Check On It"
MA$E - "Sorry Mr. Pop-Off"
Lil Flip - "Tell Me"
T.I. Feat. Slim Thug - "What Ya Know"
Cam'ron ft. Lil Weebie- "Huggin Da Block"
BG_-_"Triggaman (Lil Wayne_Diss)"
Eminem- "Fack"
Eminem- "Shake That " feat_nate_dogg_
Eminem- "When_Im_Gone"
Jon_Doe_-_"Aww_Shut Da Fuck Up"
Juvenile- "Animal" Produced_by_Mannie_Fresh
K-Doe ft. Juan Royce Da 5'9''- "The 4 The 5"
K-Doe_- "In_My_Hood"
K-Doe_a.k.a_K-Deezy_feat._Juan_- "Count_My_Dope_Money"
Lil_Jon - "Snap_Ya_Fingers"
Loon- "Dildo_Hopper" (Mase_and_50_Cent_Diss)
Mase - "Kamikaze"__feat._50_cent
Nas - "We_March_As Millions"
Paul_Wall_Archie_Lee_and_Coota_Bang-"Grillz Flow"
Posta_Boy_Ft_P_Reala - "Hell_Up_In_Harlem"
Purple Ribbon & DPG -_"Crip2nite" G-mixx
Raekwon - "State Of Grace"
Royce_Da_59_and_Juan - "Grillz" (freestyle)
Scarface - "I Never Snitch"
Smitty Ft. Lil' Wayne & Twista - "Diamonds On My Neck" (Remix)
Styles P - "Soldier's Song"
The_Game feat. Paul Wall - "Say Goodbye"
The Game - "Wake The Dead"
T.I._Juelz_Santana_and_Camron- "Royalty"
Trick Trick ft eminem and proof-no more to say
Young_Jeezy___Pusha_T._- "Movin__Weight"
Young_Jeezy_Ft_Lil_Flip- "Me_Money" Produced_By_Lil_Jon_
young_Jeezy- "A-Town_Summer"
Youngbloodz - "What_Tha_Biz"

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