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I had to go ahead and break it down.

Sometimes, people send me stuff that doesn't really "fit."

It's just not album.

Some of it is huge collections that I don't want folk to miss out on while browsing all the other stuff.

The stuff can't be characterized as just music. Alot of times, it's true DJ artwork. And when they give me tracklistings, I feel like I'm shorting you by just putting up a link & not seeing what gems are located in the albums.

So...I just created a page that I'll continually update when they throw us stuff like this.

First off, Kim L, aka "Ms. F. Lupus" to me, gave a three offerings that deserve full attention. We really wanted to get this Richard Pryor box set the other week but couldn't get our hands on it on such short notice. Luckily, she came thru and blessed us and you all & for that we're appreciative. On a personal note, I've listened to all these albums at some point & time in my life and recently went back and listened to some of these since his death. To hear him speak on drug abuse, women, Black folk, society...we lost a talent who paved the way for your favorite comedians today....might I at least suggest "Heartattacks" from the Wanted discs for a damn good laugh...hell listen to both discs. You can thank me later.

As well, she's thrown in a twelve disc Motown box set & a Motown Christmas two disc set. Finally, a few albums mixed in the stray shots section are contributions that she made. To her, I truly want to say thank you.

A Motown Christmas
Motown Chartbusters (12 Disc Set)
Richard Pryor-And It's Deep Too (9 Albums)

And MrC...if Dally's a beast, MrC has got to be Grendel or something. I can't even talk up the stuff he's dropped that's in Stray Shots as well as in Goddamn That DJ Made My Day

DJ Stix - Different Worlds
DJ Stix - 2nd Nature

As well, let me give an extra dookie shoutout to facin2130 and froz1 for their recent contributions... and if I forgot you, charge it to my head & not my heart for real. Drop us a line & we got you with some props where they're due.

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Stray Shots


DJ Clue & Keyz - Jay-Z Serious Business


Chino XL - Poison Pen (2005)

Evil Empire And Big Mike- Be South 7 (2005)

Public Announcement - When The Smoke Clears (2006)

PW is PA32

Pastor Troy - Face Off Pt. 2

Mario Winans - Story Of My Heart

Mario Winans - Hurt No More

Jodeci - Forever My Lady

PW is slickr

Tweet - Southernhummingbird

PW is kinfolk

B.B. King & Friends - 80 (2005)

Pastor Troy - Face Off Pt. 2

Mario Winans - Story Of My Heart

Mario Winans - Hurt No More

Jodeci - Forever My Lady

Fundisha - Lessons

Dwele - Rize

DJ Red Alert - We Can Do This (1988)

Anthony Hamilton - Ain't Nobody Worryin'

HALF-A-MIL - THE PROJECT PROPHET (Hosted By Dj Kurupt & Lazy K)


PW is opulentaka4letterwords


Floetry - Flo'ology

Part 1 Part 2

Mary J. Blige - The Breakthrough

Part 1 Part 2

Afrika Bambaataa (& the Sonic Patrol) live Fort Lauderdale, FL 02Oct1982

PW is MrC1783

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