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Can I please tell you that ATL was a fairly entertaining flick?

I can't front...I wasn't expecting shit but another rapper movie. But, it was better than I expected. Based loosely off the life of Dallas Austin, it pulled $12.5 mil so some other folks must've checked for it as well. Alot of good laughs, somewhat predictable...T.I. wasn't so give credit for him playing a role we didn't expect...the harder, older version of Roll Bounce lol.

Two things you should know before going in...

I don't know about you all elswhere but, roller skating is a southern thang patna. From 18 to 40, Sunday nights still be poppin at the skating rink.


"New New"....yeah.

You young boys got a new chick to fantasize about lol.

To further business...

Let me remind you to love yourself first. Not that lip service you tell folks like "of course I love myself." But I mean truly love yourself, otherwise, don't expect others to love you. Real talk.

To love yourself, get to know yourself...flaws, strengths, weaknesses, quirks...and then love them because they're you.

And to continue with my rambling, here's seven tracks that get me moving right now...

Brownstone - "Five Miles To Empty"

Classic ballad warm enough to heat up the coldest of souls.

Lupe Fiasco - "A Bathing Harry"

If you still ain't up on Lupe, get familar by starting with this track. Bouncy beat, good wordplay & charisma.

Lupe Fiasco - "Glory"

Soul food. Do your own dishes.

Lloyd Banks - "We From The Bottom"

Hustler music. Wake up & grind.

De La Soul & Teenage Fan Club - "Fallin"

Off balance, off-kilter...still beautiful.

Jay-z - "Rock Star" Freestyle + NERD - "Rock Star" (Poser)

Put your shades on & crank your cockiness up a few notches. Two pick your mood & attitude.

...And since I know I'm not the only one with a kid around this piece, look below to get Kidz Bop 7 - 9 plus Gold.

Thank me later. Gotty's ™ for the children.

Reading material for you internet, ADD mofos....

Chuck D questions media images

Suge Knight about to lose Death Row for good

Adrian Carson says "Plenty of difference between hip-hop and rap"

"..Or like Kimora & Russell making paper"...No more?

Kevin Powell is running for Congress, launched his website as well as waxing poetic about being Black and Male in America

Black Rob sentenced seven years



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