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"Five Mics In The Source..."

...ain't holdin' my fuckin' breath..."

Marshall Mathers

It's pretty much understood that the major hip-hop publications ratings system is "off" to say the least.

In between their petty beefs and allegiances, the credibility of XXS and The Sauce has been sacraficed.

But in their prime, both magazines, especially The Sauce, literally defined for listeners what albums were "classic" and which were near misses. Without a doubt, they helped to define what a generation of buyers were listening to.

When you think about it, the term "classic" was inadvertantly created and has been one of the more debatable topics in hip-hop, besides who won the battle between Jay & Nas (it was Nas, if you were wondering).

Nevertheless, we present to you all of the albums, currently, that have recieved the notorious five mics in The Sauce.

By this count, there's fourty-three.

Some are worthy of praise...

Some appeared as "makeups" for previous misses when an artist released a notable album but it failed to garner initial critical praise...

Some are questionable at best...

We were going to put the list up for you to see...but I figure we'll leave it as a suprise for you, test your hip-hop history of sorts to remember all fourty-three before looking. I know I honestly forgot some of these even got mentioned much less got the praise they did.

Either way, it should be an enjoyable compilation of albums for you to sample.

Every Album To Recieve 5 Mics In The Source

Props to DENEIRE for his efforts on this one.

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