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I Thought Jordans & A Gold Chain Was Livin It Up...

Retro checking in, posting in the section for our loyal readers. With warm weather approaching, here's some topics and insight for you folks trying to do it big over summer. Keep in mind that The Smoking Section in no way shape or form supports your fashion faux paus as a result of this post, but we in turn take all the credit should you become fresh to death.

If You Don't Know This Song, You've Been Living Under A Rock Since 99.

As was told to me, kings were buried w/jewels to signify their importance. With that said, everyone likes a little jewelry here and there. Keep the shit on the simpler side, and for neckwear, keep it to one piece. Grills are doable considering your company, and so are chunky ass bracelets/earrings. However, when you're on that grown man shit, opt for a nice timepiece. And not those bootleg joints either. Ice free or not, a fresh timepiece can set you apart from the rest. Multiple chains are for the stars that are well known. But you can set shit off righteous with a standard non-hollowed out jesus piece. It's ultimate hip hop status symbol. Biggie set the whole craze off, as I recall. A fat cuban link jumpoff with the iced dome.

If you're looking into customized pieces, cool. Find a jeweler that can make a good mold for you at market price, but dont make the piece so thin to where it looks like a sheet of goddamn aluminum.

More and more, as hip hoppers are moving up the food chain, they realize that just jewelry don't make you a man about town. Sometimes less is more, and attention to detail is essential. Sidekicks started a craze of electronic accessories as well, although they're a tad played now. Opt for a T-Mobile MDA, or a Treo 700 for a worthy equivalent.

Big Tymers - Still Fly

Headwear is gonna come in handy for them hot ass days. Fitted hats are a personal favorite of mine, but don't be afraid to dabble in a Kangol here and there, or the classic Polo khaki cap. Hell, even those vented tropic style hats are ill.

Sunglasses are in for the season, and I dont think I need to reiterate that those 5 dollar aviators ain't cuttin it. I'm sure all of you know, but look into Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Prada, D&G, Dior, and all similar brands for some flair to your wardrobe. Ray Ban aviators aren't a bad choice for you ballers on budgets like myself either. Just check the wholesaler district in your major cities for deals on these, because sellers get a HUGE discount getting shit wholesale from Safilo. Warehouse sellers in LA usually give you a good deal because of their lack of overhead and the need to have a high turnover rate for everything they got in stock.

Jay-z - Poppin Tags

As you can tell from the picture, I'm a fan of the vintage/retro stuff. But there's one universal rule to remember: there IS such thing as matching too much. Instead of wearing that oversize Rocawear polos, just get out there, go a size smaller, and wear some Ralph Lauren. A little Ralph never hurt anyone, for you teenaged readers. Respect to Thirstin Howl III and the OG Lo Lifes while I'm at it. If you plan to go with a European company for clothing (i.e. Fred Perry) just remember that it's closer to a custom fit, so go a size up from what you would regularly wear(and it's not xxxxxxxxl).

A little color is a good thing, but don't OD like my mans Killa Cam did with the pink a few years ago.

Lexicon - Nikehead

Looking for a nice white shoe? Always respect the Nike and Air Forces, but shelltoes, and Stan Smiths are affordable alternatives. Bape has had it's time in the limelight, so don't overdo it with their overpriced shoes and hoodies. I know I'll catch heat for that, but fuckit.

Cop some suede loafers while you're at it. Gotty™ has been harping on me about this, and I begrudgingly must agree that loafers are good for those "not so formal" but "not so casual" occasions. Still not convinced? Go for those chestnut/chocolate/wheat Wallabees. Damn those shoes are comfortable and pretty much go with most attire that isnt too sporty.

In the mean time, check this nice little article regarding the Lo Lifes .

Outty 5000,


Stray Shots

Rupee -

Mobb Deep - Blood Money (2006)


Haystak_Presents-The_South_West_Connection-2006 [Retail]

Ryan Toby - Soul of a Songwriter [EP]


DJ Finesse - The Best of Donell Jones (2005)

Tom Skeemask-You Can't Hold Me Back

UGK-Super Tight


Fiend Presents Can I Burn?

Master P Presents West Coast Bad Boyz Vol.1

UGK-Too Hard to Swallow

Rawkus Soundbombing Vol.1

Swisha House-Final Chapter 99

Master P Presents West Coast Bad Boyz-High Fo Xmas

U-God-Golden Arms Redemption

B.G.-It's All On U Vol.1

B.G.-It's All On U Vol.2

Three 6 Mafia-Most Known Unknown

Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae

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