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Pistol Play....

Hip-hop and guns go together just as much as the deejay & the rapper.

I can still remember the weeks and days after Scott LaRock got popped.

There's nothing wrong with guns.

That is as long as they're used & treated properly.

I'm from the South and guns are a way of life.

I carry a firearm absolutely everywhere I go and keep them posted around the house (Note to would-be robbers).

My daddy, both grandaddies, my uncles...hell my momma, my sister, & both grandmommas, all own and/or actively carry.

Plus I'm from the real country where everybody has some sort of firearm at their disposal and I'm talking white boys & reverands w/the gun racks in their trucks and like my grandparents who, ever since i was knee high to a grasshopper, had a gun rack in the den.

Alot of people talk it but to me it's sort of a way of life; not neccessarily the "bustin shots" aspect but the being around & being familiar with firearms. To me, there was never a fear associated with them becuase they weren't treated as something negative or positive...they just were, as in a part of life.

I don't consider myself to be all that knowledgable or any more than the next man at least.

I do however consider myself an advocate of guns & gun safety.

You want to carry a gun?

I'd suggest first going to your dad, an uncle someone older and asking advice or help. If that fails or isn't an option, go to a local gun range and sign up for a Saturday class.

Next, learn your state's laws. Go here

Also, consider getting a permit to carry a firearm.

I should practice what I preach because I've caught several gun charges lol.

But I'm from the South where gun laws are lax and lawyers are in cohoots with the judges.

Fines paid, cases dismissed.

Once you get a gun, go to the firing range, learn how to clean & care for it.

It might save your life.

Here's some guntalk for your ears since such a firearm friendly atomosphere has been created here today.

Gangstarr - "Tonz O' Gunz"

Guru got popped with a gun way back...original ruffneck rude bwoi.

Jay-z - "Guns & Roses" feat. Lenny Kravitz

Free Jason Williams' dumb ass....nah on second thought.

Lupe Fiasco - "Heat Under The Babyseat"

A brief description of all types of gun toters and social commentary over a heavy 80's/rock influenced beat.

M.O.P. - "Blue Steel"

Now what would a post about guns be without the Mash Out crew?

DJ Mello-Gun Talk 4 Mixtape

01. DJ Mello - Intro [ 00:20 ]
02. Mobb Deep - Freestyle [ 03:40 ]
03. Mobb Deep Ft. 50 Cent - Pearly Gates [ 03:54 ]
04. Ghostface - Whip Me Wit A Strap [ 02:29 ]
05. Ti - The Kings Back (Produced by Just Blaze) [ 04:12 ]
06. Mobb Deep Ft Nyce - Life Money & Jewelry [ 04:19 ]
07. Red Cafe - Gettin Some Head Freestyle [ 01:52 ]
08. 3 6 Mafia Ft Dmx & Lil Flip - Poppin My Collar Remix [ 04:52 ]
09. Kanye West Ft Twista & Keisha Cole - Impossible [ 05:10 ]
10. Busta Rhymes - Up to No Good (Produced by Dr Dre) [ 02:58 ]
11. Mobb Deep Ft 40 Glocc - Freestyle [ 04:51 ]
12. Merc - Dancin Bullets [ 03:17 ]
13. 40 Cal Ft Su Da Boss - Fight Club Music [ 03:16 ]
14. Megan Rochelle Ft Fabolous - The One You Need [ 04:04 ]
15. Fabolous Ft Blu Davinci - Sitt Em Sideways [ 04:02 ]
16. Mobb Deep - Freestyle [ 02:31 ]
17. Red Cafe Ft Bun B - Pussy Ass Niggas [ 02:30 ]
18. Dmx - We in Here (Produced by Swizz Beatz) [ 03:54 ]
19. Stack Bundles Ft Riot Squad - Its Easy [ 03:29 ]
20. Flawless Ft Fenom - Hey Shorty [ 02:34 ]
21. John Doe - Me & My 9 [ 03:11 ]
22. Imam Thug - Smash that [ 02:29 ]
23. Jace - The Feds [ 02:16 ]
24. DJ Mello - Outro

DJ Mello-Gun Talk 4 Mixtape

I won't say anymore than perhaps you should take a peek at the...aww fuck it.

I'll leave my personal opinions aside and let you read for yourself (but you can find my comments on the topic in this post & at Okayplayer).
Byron Crawford Vs. Bun B. & Southern Hip-Hop



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