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Ghost Unit Mixtape

Retro back like I never left. In recent Hip Hop history, it seems like every major rapper likes to bring in their collective crews. Problem is, the squad is weak as FUCK. The Lunatics, D-12, Flipmode Squad (sans Digga, she's kind of nice), and a slew of others. They seem to ride the coattails and at least still strike gold, regardless of talent or lack thereof. Fame by association is a powerful thing indeed.

One of the groups I have left it is of course, G-Unit. Fif was rather successful at promoting a lackluster group. Admit it you Unit fans, Banks monotonous flow is decent with the punchlines but not much else. Yayo is just hot garbage. Buck is nice, but Spider Loc? Has-beens Ma$e and a post-verbal whippin Mobb Deep? Let's not even mention MOP, who are a solid collective but been dropped from more labels more than I've had hot meals. I don't think I need to continue. Although it'd still be interesting to see if the before mentioned characters release good music.

On the flipside, us at Smoking Section must bigup a rap crew on the rise. The Black Wallstreet . That's right, hate all you want, but Game's label and artists are at least decent.

Criticism as of late for Game is that he's flip flopped, chancleta style. And that he has. But something people fail to understand, is that it's damn near impossible to balance the street life with a good business sense. In the end, either the streets swallow you whole, or you're viewed as a "sell out." Lose lose situation. Thus far, Game's done a pretty good job. Anyone who says he's not good in the hood must be out their mind. I've heard about and seen Game rolling with BWS through ANY hood with not so much as a scratch on him. Watts, Compton, Long Beach, South Central, East Los, wherever, he's been around and he's respected.

Hell my folks seen him in the Wood packing that thing and eating a goddamn chicken sandwhich on the block. How many stars can you say can do that anywhere in or around their hoods and not worry about nothing? Very few.

Game - You Know What It Is Volume 3

With that said, Game's garnered national support and like any good friend, is bringing his folks onto the scene. And he's got a pretty good roster. Eastwood, Ya Boy, Chuck B-More, Nu Jerzey Devil, DJ Skee, and Rockstar (almost). He's dropped solo mixtapes featuring a shitload of remixes, and doesn't show any signs of stopping. Now if he'd just work on his goddamn album!

BWS Presents - The Best of Cyssero aka Rockstar

Game - 1260

Game - You Know What It Is Volume 2

Game - Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin Mixtape

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