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I'm tellin you shit's about to change around here.

We're about to put into effect some ill shit.

But right now, that's snatchin up all our time so I been reaching out to others to help with the writing and such so you'll still have ample & entertaining reading material.

This right here...this is one of my aces, my muse, my Heidi Fleiss.

1. If you need anything *cough* quality bootleg movies*cough* get at one of us (fuckin go thru me because I like to skim off the top lol). Shorty took care of me when I was in need of Season Three of The Wire (click the link to see the screenshots...A-1 product I tell ya).

2. If you need that Brazillian booty-bang, The Slut Next Door, six big motherfuckers gettin it in type action, get at shorty...but tell her we sent you because again, we believe in gratiuity & graft.

3. "We in streeetsss/I got the weeeeddddd/I got couple ki'ssss/You wanna eat? Fuck with meeee/ don't wanna see me pissed off/Fuck'er til my dick soft/nigga this is Rick Ross..."

This track is wild like lions eating kids, full-blown AIDS status sick...I can see the Chevy-riders & spiderweb boys on all sides of the city doin' it big with this track rattling the trunk...I been ridin with the windows down, yellin all day with this shit lol.

Rick Ross - "Bitches & Bizness

So while I keep working on the next shit...with no further adieu...

I present to you, CrazyBaby's "Killa Season" Movie Review...

Don't expect a masterpiece because you'll only be let down. I enjoy my street flicks like anyone else but I dont feel as if this movie really had a purpose but it was still entertaining & funny. The movie opens up with Flea (Camron) & them shooting dice. Someone tested Flea's gangsta and he retaliated by hitting dude with a Sizzurp bottle (plenty of product placement up & thru this movie) and pissing on him while saying, "no homo no homo" repeatedly. If that wasnt said, the scene wouldve been so ubberly gay but it was hilarious.

Throughout the bad editing, visual & sound effects, they managed to have me cracking up again at Flea's grandfather's funeral. This nigga was trying to get this woman's number while another dude, who obviously has no shame, was trying to bag this old lady up. Funniest scene in the whole movie. The same dude tried to sell Flea his kidney for $12,500. Pure comedy.

Killa Season
is filled with a little bit of everything. Guns, plenty of weed, crack, heroin, crackheads, police officers, strippers, and cars. And for the ladies, a dash of thug-love in the form of Camron, in the bathroom, suddenly wrapping a scene up by plowing a hard-ass-gel-on-the-side-with-a-long-horsetail-ponytail chickenhead. Chea chea chea!!!

I have no words for the ending but don't be surprised if there's a Killa Season 2

Oh and if you're overly sensitive
, look out for the scene were two Dominican bitches squat down and shit out packs of heroin and liquidy poo. I could've done without that part. Seriously.

Strays Shots

Respect due to Mohanesburg for steady holding this shit down like a champ. Gotty™ and the TSS Crew salute you.

Smokey Robinson - 35th Anniversary Collection [Boxset]

Marvin Gaye - The Master 1961 - 1984 [Boxset]

James Brown - Star Time [Boxset]

Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones [Boxset]

Nature Sounds Presensts - Natural Selection Compilation

Z-Ro - King of Da Ghetto

Scarface - My Homies 2

Timbaland and Magoo-Welcome to our World

Triple 6 Mafia - Underground Vol.1

Triple 6 Mafia - Club Memphis Underground Vol.2

T-Rock-Rock Solid/4:20

Trick Daddy-Thug Holiday

Masta Killa-No Said Date

Triple 6 Mafia-Kings of Memphis Underground Vol.3


UNLV - Straight Out the Gutta

VA - Midwest Mobstaz Vol.1

Aceyalone & RJD2 - Magnificent City

Mia X - Mama Drama

UNLV - Mac Melph Calio

The Luniz - Lunitik Muzik

Young Jeezy - Let's Get It:Thug Motivation 101

Hitman Sammy Sam - Knuckle Up

Hitman Sammy Sam - Last Man Standing

Kanye West - Late Registration

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