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"Down The Street From Calumet, A School Full Of Stones..."

"He nicknamed me 'K-Rock' so they'd leave me alone/
Bulls jacket with his hat broke way off..."

Gangbanging is fundamentally quitenssential essential element of Chicago's existence.

Yeah yeah...I know, there's more to Chi than just that.

But at it's core, Chicago's core is gang related, more so than any city.

Al Capone

Daley's political machine

The Hamburgs & various Irish gangs

And dear Lord, the Black gangs...Hoover, Fort, Barksdale, G.D.N., B.P.S.N., C.V.L., ALKQN, "Amor Del Rey", "All Is Well," "Brothers Of The Struggle"...

Regardless of what you've seen portrayed, the first organized Black gangs, that are still relevant, began in Chicago.

And a casual understanding of the music culture and artists of Chi is a testament that gangs have a hand in the career of nearly every artist.

Some claim.

Some just show respect.

But to survive, one has to be affiliated...even R&B swingas like R and Donell, everybody's affiliated.

Common has always referenced it. ("My foundation is in black block of niggas that rock they hat cock" or "I go to Doc's to get a A fishwish with cheese/I don't mix with MCs/ cause I just don't like them motherfuckers...")

Kanye mentioned it in vague in several songs (The above mentioned line)

Twista, Bump J, Do Or it, they've all made mention of it.

And with all the fake gangbanging and set claiming runnin rampant in the industry, I was glad to finally hear somebody do it some justice.

Lupe Fiasco - "Tilted"

Not to glorify but to properly address it.

Respect due to the Folk & People's Nations.

Additional reference...

Common - "Maintaining"

Larry Hoover and The Black Gangster Disciple Nation

Black P. Stone Nation

Conservative Vice Lords

Latin King Nation

Free The Chief!



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