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"Truthfully I Wanna Rhyme Like..."

I recently particpated in an online discussion ranking Common's albums.

For me, it was easy...

1. Resurrection
2. BE
3. Like Water For Chocolate
4. One Day It'll All Make Sense
5. Can I Borrow A Dollar?
6. Electric Circus

Numero uno was easy.

The debate came for second runner up because others seemed to want to rank LWFC over BE.

Non-cipher god.

A few things have to be understood.

Like Water...was strong w/o a doubt. Strong tracks were all over the disc - "Dooinit", the single "The Light" utilized a wonderful sample and Com's ode to females to get the public reception he deserved. The strongest track on the album, "6th Sense" got the video play it deserved. But tracks like "A Film Called (Pimp)" and "Theolonius"...enh...weaksauce.

just seemed to not fit in with the flow of the rest of the album and were easily skippable. Real talk, even Pops didn't come thru and drop the usual thought provoking, "food for thought that sticks to your ribs" type material he usually brings to the table.

On BE, The Artist Formerly Known As Sense brings it full-circle and drops the album career-long followers knew he could make. Beats + lyrics are always expected. But on this album, Com adds in a few things that had been lacking in previous works...

- A cohesive, sequenced play order
- Growth with direction

Nothing too snazzy. Just consistency. All of the tracks are strong stand-along songs but even stronger when listened to as a whole. Even my least favorite track, "Testify" became greater when I viewed the extended video version (which is so against my nature) and heard the OG sample. "Faithful", "BE Intro," "Chi-City," "They Say"...they all mesh for a enhanced listening experience into the mind of the artist.

What Like Water...lacked, BE has. As someone who's been with and followed Common's career since he was in The Source's "Unsigned Hype" column and rocked Rap City with the "Soul By The Pound" remix, I can see the changes, all positive...and where LWFC reeked of early "Baduism", BE is Com on his own two feet, as an artist and a man.

In the end, my opinion is just that, an opinion. I'm just a fan and no more of an expert than anyone else. Plus, opinions are like assholes yunno. So I'll let you judge for self.

Like Water For Chocolate




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