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Straying From the Plan...

Retro back in this piece for another gem. Few weeks ago I said I would get into the Wu a little more after shedding light on my man Ghost. Well I was wrong. Tone is definitely one of my top 10 favorite artists of all time, so I figure I'd delve into my top 5.

Surprisingly, Jay isn't in my top 5. I'll tell you who is though.

1. Rakim (soon to be covered)

2. Big L (covered)

3. Nas (covered)

4. AZ (next up)

5. Royce the 5'9"

Yeah yeah, say what you what you want about my dude Royce, but he is an absolute BEAST when it comes to mic skills. He's been called everything from Em's sidekick to the next big thing. I tend to lean towards the latter (obviously).

Now, I realize he's probably not even on most of your folks' radar, much less in your top 20. And I'm well aware of my bias towards this dude. But I doubt anyone can say he's truly wack unless they're sausage riding Em and D-12. And I will say this...

Royce the 5'9" > Eminem

Oh that's right, I went there. At this point in time I strongly believe I can make a case for the argument.

Early on, when both Em and Royce were on the come up, Em could beat out 5'9" easy. However, after Em went mainstream to sell, his skills went to the shitter. I know he's got it in him, he just refuses to show it, even in these mediocre "beefs." His only true challenge came from Royce, which he backed down from almost immediately and let his subpar goons D-12 try in vain to handle it.

The beef first started with Royce dropping a freestyle for the Anger Management tour, which D12 perceived as a diss. From there, Em just stopped talking to Royce and D12 dissed him on Detroit radio. Never one to back down, Royce dropped "What We Do," "Malcom X," and "Shit On You," among many other subliminals. From there, it was a wrap. And from there I knew Nickel Nine is not to be fucked with on that lyrical level.

Make no mistake, even though he's from the burbs, he RUNS the D. No question. And now a potential signee to Def Jam, be on the lookout for more of him in the future.

Royce 5'9" - Death Is Certain

Royce 5'9" - Independence Day

Royce 5'9" Discography (Including Mixtapes)

Retro Out

Stray Shots

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RIP JAY DEE!!! Gone but not forgotten... You're contribution to Hip Hop will live forever

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Now here's MY personal request.

Anyone have any DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG mixtapes? I already have "Bittersweet," "Warmfuzzy," "2 Original," "Original" and "Filthy." Looking for Sweet, Smoove, and Non-Stop. Also anything from 5th Plattoon or Stretch Armstrong. Much props to the folks that have already hit me up. I cant thank you guys enough. A post for him coming soon, even if I have to go to eBay to find his works. Thanks

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