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"Have You Ever Heard The Sound Of A .44 At Your Door?"

"You got guns , I got guns
Meet me at the corner store
After school, wild wild west
Even the teacher got a vest
You can ask, on the block...
Street Jeopardy..."

Don't ask me why.

It's just time to give this dude some shine, positive and negative.

Father You See King Clef for screwin Lauryn and essentially causing the The Refugees demise.

But God bless the preacher's son for making these tracks.

Son had some okay rap bars...but his true talent is singing and strumming his fuckin guitar.

Thanks Clef.

"Street Jeopardy"

"If I Was President" (Live from The Chapelle Show)


"Gone Til November"

"Redemption Song"

"Anything Can Happen"

I've noticed that some of you have been questioning the "superfast" downloads courtesy of Rapidshare and a seemingly miniscule file.

This is a text file.

It's purpose - to save you from going over download limits as well as saving the links for you in case they manage to drift way down the page before you get a chance to download.

As well, it makes it easier for us...we don't have to html code each and every link so it saves us time and allows us to do "more"...whatever that is lol.

Download the file, unzip and you'll find a document with the download links.


Here's a sample and a jewel for you beat junkies, aspiring rappers and fans like myself.

All instrumental albums

All contained in one text file

All submitted by Dzame, props to him.

Wu-Tang - Enter The 36 Chambers

B.I.G. - Ready To Die

Nas - God's Son

Kanye West - College Dropout

GZA - Liquid Swords

G-Unit - Beg For Mercy

Dr. Dre - 2001

50 Cent - The Massacre

Dzame's Eight Instrumental Albums

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