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In recent months, a few mixtapes have gotten progressively better to me as I've been listening to them more and more.

One, Jeezy's Can't Ban The Snowman.

Two, Lupe's Revenge Of The Nerds.

And this man...

Three, Joe's Mood Muzik 2.

Joey says so much with his metaphors, each time listening can be a whole new experience.

I started off lovin' the beginning of the tape alot more than the end because the beats were so much rawer and uptempo.

But now, I'm starting to sample the latter part of the disc and appreciating the slowed down beats, with Joe still attacking the track. Prime examples - "For A Reason" & "40 Licks".

Joey's gotta have Tivo, OnDemand or some shit, plus the bootleg man's phone number on speed dial so he gets the latest movies, and mobile alerts for CNN or some shit.

Let me go to where son gets the illest, on the track "Dumb Out"

"I'm the Mets, was suppose to be ill in '05
As ill as the flow gets, need a piller don't snitch
So if you can't tell, I'm prepared for '06
About to OD, anybody that know me
Can tell you I'm bout to make shit feel like it's '03
More like '99
No names should be mentioned but mine, unless you talkin' Big Pun in his prime
Maybe '96 Jay, before Dame was throwin' money around
Or 2pac without Humpty around
Or 50 before Em, Nas talkin' like a gun in his song
Cam'ron during "Children Of The Corn"
Beans before the cops came through and try to grill 'em
I'm talkin '95, Big L before they killed 'em
Em before 8 Mile, Shyne before the deal shit
Canibus, no album out before the L shit
Talkin' bout Kiss, DMX when he was fuckin' wit coke
Or Cuban Linx, with Raekwon and Ghost
I do it all, who blendin' so well in the game
Talkin' Fab, back when he was still spellin' his name
On my Diddy shit, Memphis, Grizzlie shit
Like back in the day when Clue swiped all of Biggie's shit
Rappers don't need trouble with I
Unless it's Rass Kass before the D.W.I
Or Talib with Mos, Common before "Be"
If they any less common, don't put 'em before me!"

(Oh all those fourteen tracks and you should have you a dope mixtape to ride to.)

Truth be told, you could prolly do this with every track buddy spits on.

But it's Joe's informed opinion and interestingly funny yet precise mention of it that makes him prime listening material.



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