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(I don't need any reason whatsoever to show you a pic of several types of beauty encompassed in one picture..."a picture says a thousand words.")

Every now and then, in between betting, visiting a few select shoe sites, scouring the net for music and chatting with my cohorts...I try to find time to visit other sites when I'm online.

I found some pretty entertaining tidbits I figured I would share.

No words for this one really...Nas et al. speaking on the making of Illmatic

Two things...

1. If you missed Big Daddy Kane performing on the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors thing, you missed a performance lol. My sister was at the house & when son did the hop over Scoob (or was that Scrap) we both yelled, screamed and got amped like we were at the damn show.

Peep the video of the performance here.

2. Russianmafioso has been tellin me but I've been slow to acknowledge. So for the record, yes, YouTube is the truth. The move that Kane does will bring back memories for the old heads because it was part of his old stage show. But if you need reference, I think the vid for "I Get The Job Done" is on YouTube and I'm pretty sure that's where I first saw him do it.

Moving forward...

T.I...the wait is about to be over.

And since I don't watch TV I dunno if cats have seen it but the vid for
"What You Know" is out (click the link)...also I've heard the visual for "Front 2 Back" is out as well.

With Kanye saying that he's almost got Jay sold on doing another album, I felt this live chat Jay did on was pretty interesting. Peep the transcript here for the full read.

Also, this "A Memo Of Advice For President Carter" going more in depth about radio personality Ed Lover's comparison of the Jay-z vs. Cam battle to Roy Jones vs. Antonio Tarver fight & giving Jay some tips was worth a few minutes of my time.

Although I don't always agree with Byron Crawford, I must say he doesn't have a problem A.) speaking his mind and B.) keeping up with every goddamn thing internet related (who has the time lol?).

I've been wanting to tell you all about the white teacher using the N-word ("Free Paul Dawson") Oh Just check it & be sure to watch the video please! It's ashamedly funny & Byron's take on it is what it is...."Can you lend a nigga a pencil?"

Personally I found Byron's "Least Tragic Hip-Hop Deaths" to be sorta lame, especially the Tupac nomination. But hearing him call some of these dudes "weed carriers" gave me a good giggle.

And since we can't cover every genre of music (we fuckin try though)...

Regnyouth, the champion's of musical blog sound and the prototype, has up a nice Aesop Rock feature.

e-junkie's got some treats in the form of some Dr. Dre Detox EP and Alanis Morissette (always a good look).

I Know You Got Soul has up some good jazz and other shit you haven't heard of but you should have.

The Charivarious Section always keeps it moving with a wide variety of things that you must learn.

Spliff Huxtable (how can you not love that name?) lays down what's real by displaying the word's usage in hip-hop songs.

That's enough for now.

We'll prolly drop some music later but we're gonna let you catch up with all the material we hit you with in previous posts.

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