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So Fat Joe says he doesn't respect Nas for signing to Def Jam.

I agree.

Squashing the whole beef thing is cool & good for hip-hop.

But, breaking bread with the man who aired you out on wax?

Not gangsta.

Sure, Jay doesn't "own" Def Jam...

Sure, Nas wasn't with his baby mother anymore...

Sure, he's getting a huge advance & album budget, plus he'll get proper promotion...

But what good is it for a man to gain the whole world but sell his soul in the process?

I put Nas number one on my list in regards to his artistic work, even with some of his weaker albums.

As a man though, you gotta question this dude's character.

First, I understand the idea of growth and agree that every great artist should go thru it.

But Nas done flip flopped his whole career on various issues.

And by the looks of it, him & nobody in Queen's get along...but then again, none of those Queens dudes seem to get along well for long so that's not a major strike.

Time has passed...the beef is over...everybody's all hugs...

Fuck that.

Now, while I might forgive some of my past enemies and their transgressions, I'll never be hugged up with them...unless I was plottin' to make a move on them lol.

Forgive but don't forget.

This that same man that totally disrespected you as a man by tellin the world how he smutted out your bird and spoke negatively about your mother.

At this point, Nas won the battle (face it..he ripped Jay)...but Jay has seemingly won the war.

In musical news...I need more Saigon pause.

Son is a beast...I've said it before and I'm saying it again.

Points of reference...

A. This particular track with True Life. It's prolly the closest we'll get to hearing Sai do a "radio-friendly" or "club track"...bouncy beat, understandble flow & playful vibe...although he outshines True Life, I'd like to see them do more because True sorta offsets Sai's style well.

Saigon & True Life - "Yep Yep"

B. Here, he asks some pointed questions & takes some swipes at a few folks...*cough*lesbians & B.I.G.*cough*

Saigon - "Contraband 2"

C. The full version of "My Favorite Things" where the second verse is just as strong as the first

Saigon - "My Favorite Things"

D. The boom-bap of this track, the mean sample and the lyrical come-up described...

Saigon - "Repercussions"

Plus, let me take a moment to get some shit off my chest.

We started this shit, not to be Napster...we don't do all these requests you cats are asking for.

We do this to share...share what we think is hot; allow you to share what you think is hot, whatever...musical, political, social, anything artistic; to share new material or artists we run across or others point out to us or an artist that we feel needs more shine.

When we ran a contest for you (the visitor) to particpate in by contributing your links in return for a chance to win something...FOUR FUCKIN PEOPLE contributed...FOUR.

That's the wackest shit I ever heard of or been apart of.

We got a good team of cats that show their support by passing us links, posting their thoughts and comments, passing the word to boards they visit, telling friends, etc.

And we love those people.

But, out of 3600+ visitors per day...we'd like to see a more active community to say the least.

We've got more planned in terms of contests, giveaways, and the like.

But we're not doing this for naught.

(Please note - This post doesn't apply to those cats who truly been showing love and reppin right along w/us the whole way, sending links, commenting and passing around the url. You already know we appreciate you folk without a doubt)

Retro's Request...Anyone have any DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG mixtapes? I already have "Bittersweet," "Warmfuzzy," "2 Original," "Original" and "Filthy." Looking for Sweet, Smoove, and Non-Stop. Much props to the folks that have already hit me up. I cant thank you guys enough. A post for him coming soon, even if I have to go to eBay to find his works.

Also, we're looking for any 5th Plattoon or Stretch Armstrong joints.Thanks

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