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Great Day In Harlem by Art Kain

A few things...

One, I'm a converted go-go fan.

So I was glad to see this joint.

TCB 1-14-06

Megaupload Link Link

Two, the mixtape is where it's been for years and this dude has been one of the mainstays. Even though he's slowed up his pace to a snail's crawl in recent months, he's still that dude. Check some of catalog here of some classic mixtapes, all available for download...

26 DJ Clue Mixtapes Text File

Three, I've previously professed my love for sneakers & shoes in general so to see this mix of all sneaker songs was a good thing. I try to avoid posting tracklistings but this one was worthy.

01 01:00 Jay - Z, And Suit Tailor Simoni Am What I Am (S. Carter Reebok Commercial)
02 04:24 Jay - Z-All I Need
03 00:33 Va - Air Jordans First Commercial
04 03:02 Raekwon - Sneakers
05 00:15 Raekwon, And John Wallace - Get Me A Sneaker III [skit]
06 01:10 Jay - Z, And 50 Cent-Reebook Commercial [S. Carter & G-Unit]
07 01:00 Jadakiss - Allen Iverson A5 Reebok Commercial
08 01:00 Jadakiss - Allen Iverson A6 "remix" Reebok Commercial
09 01:24 Scoop Jackson, And Spike Lee - History OF Air Jordans Interlude #1
10 05:03 Mos Def - Air Jordan Commercials ["Umi Says"]
11 01:01 Scoop Jackson, And Spike Lee - History OF Air Jordans Interlude #2
12 04:14 Gangstarr - Air Jordan Commercials ["Jazz Thing"]
13 02:31 Ray Allern, Micheal Finlay, Damon Wayans, And Arack Obama - History OF Air Jordans Interlude #2
14 01:02 Saigon - Foot Locker Commercial
15 00:59 Scarface - Steve Francis Reebook Commercial [produced By *kanye West]
16 01:02 Africa Bambaata, & Hydraulic Funk/planet Rock Music - Nike Basketball Commercial [dribble Rhythm]
17 02:23 Trife - NBA
18 00:11 Micheal Jordan - Madison Square Garden [skit]
19 01:57 Jay - Z-Bump It Up [S. Carter Freestyle]
20 00:08 Dr.Harry Edwards - $185 For A Pair Of Sneakers III [skit]
21 01:14 Jay - Z-Looking @ My 5 Dots [S. Carter Interlude]
22 02:36 Jay - Z-P.S.A.
23 00:50 Canibus - The Answer [reebok Commercial]
24 01:03 Styles P - Kevin Garmett [and 1 Commercial]
25 01:22 Skillz - Coaching Shaq [skit]
26 01:00 Karen O. - Whenever I Wake Up [addidas Commercial]
27 02:48 Run D MC - My Addidas
28 00:52 Bill Cosby - Sneakers [skit]
29 01:04 The Neptunes - The Battle [speed Nike Commercial]
30 02:25 Big Tigger, And Mike Philips - Air Jordan XVII [freestyle Anthem]
31 00:34 Mario - Nikes Fresh Out The Box [accapella]
32 05:04 Nelly - Air Force Ones
33 00:39 Va - Nike Commercial Adverts
34 03:57 Outkast - So Fresh, So Clean
35 01:30 Jonathan Ellias - Nike Winter Olympics [XIX Commercial]
36 01:28 Va - Hidden Track


Stay tuned because we'll be puttin up some lovesick material for you lovers & haters to enjoy on St. Valentine's Day. Just wanted to share some links we've recieved in the past few days before they went stale.

And a big love is love shoutout to that dude Ruskimafiosi who's celebrating his born day today! Lickshots for the Dirty Jerz dude. Blucka!



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