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Well, what can I say?

The Roots put on a perfomance that words cannot capture.

In a feeble attempt to even try to do justice, initial words that come to mind...




Honestly, either the sound system was shitty or the band was overbearingly loud because I couldn't decipher what hell Black Thought was rhyming for 75% of the show but it didn't hamper the energy for the group or the crowd from my perspective.

Highlights of the show...

1. Miri Ben Ari's set - I liked her work previously in a "this is different" type of way...wasn't sure if she could carry a whole album, & damn sure wasn't expecting to see her rock a live solo set at the show...but she did it well. Hearing her speak for the first time was quite funny & cute considering her Israeli accent. She masterfully ripped a rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" and did some brilliant covers, which leads me to...

2. The Roots...goddamn these dudes almost shut the place down the last 20-30 minutes of their set by covering everything under the sun, from "It's Going Down" to Biggie & ODB shit all the way to "Smooth Criminal", which officially had the hardest of the hard with their arms in the air. The tribute to Dilla during the interlude before they took stage was powerfully. The ability to cover so much and so many genres is one quality I wish more acts would incorporate into their stage shows. It opens so many avenues in which artists can travel and it's much better than some cat walking side to side ranting off lyrics. Entertain us please with showmanship!

3. A roughly 15 minute version of "You Got Me"...speechless. Everybody in the crowd zoned out to that joint as well as "Act Too (Love Of My Life).

4. The crowd that it brings/white people - offense but you could just tell the white people were there. White people are "looser" than Black folks, especially after a few beers. Dancing & moving...which you'd be hard pressed to get Black folks to do intially...the white people were just grooving lol...and the, I know they say Black folks are bad about smoking in public, but it was a white chick beside me who broke the ice & started pullin from a pipe early with no shame lol. The diversity was kinda cool though because after an hour or so into The Roots set I seen some big-boned sister backin it up on an American Eagle white dude with a Coors in his hand and they both looked as if they were playfully enjoying it lol.

5. Solos...I think the only one who didn't get a highlighted solo, for whatever reasons, was Kamaal. ?Love & the cat on drums with! My dude was animated and just blacked the fuck out! I don't know who the cat was on guitar (not a band member that I know of) but he spazzed out as well.

Overall, my ears are still ringing & my legs are sore...I can't really think of any other show were I felt this fuckin overwhelmed physically afterwards. I may have swimmer's ear as well lol.

Was it worth it?

Does a bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass on a fluffy white rabbit?

In other words, hellmotherfuckinyeah!

Check for tour dates near your city. Take ya ass out there & show the support we fuckin downloaders always say we'll show.

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