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"...Similar to Wild West/Broad Daylight, Face To Face Without A Vest"



Still on the streets with my peeps so deep
We threw a block party for my man goin up creek
to do his two to four, niggaz show love, from all around the board
Peace Lord, Sony Handi-Cam on record
Pop a bottle, cause when you come home we still got it sewn
We can watch the tape play back and just zone
Film all the bitches, on the benches with ill extensions
We block the streets off, only crew cars can enter
Music was loud and it was crowded
Barbecued wings we fed the fiends (gamble in the back) Killa shouted

...Runnin the static, it got me mad cause they a bunch of faggots
Startin shit in my hood, I can't have it
Yo High, get the 40-cali stainless, Jake is still out
Let's make it real and still make them niggaz famous
Dip behind trees in fatigues and squeeze, dodge and weave
Hearin Jake retaliatin, and Wiz was up the alley waitin
We breeze, jump in the ride, heard Pierre died
Internal bleedin inside, and ain't been back since ninety-five

A hot song from a slept-on album that should've been held in much higher regard. The whole disc had Esco spittin glacial razors over quality production for what might have been his best balanced album in terms of commercial ability mixed with the Nasty Nas that diehards long for.



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