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"Women If You Love Me, Please Let Me Know..."

"...Tie rags round your neck and learn the sets we throw"

Four songs you need to listen to right now.

Not now, but right now...

Stack Bundles - "Listen"

I think Stack done lost it & he damn near blacks out on this track...this shit is bonkers. And it may be the first time I've heard a rapper mention Paypal lol...

Fabalous - "Wet Wipes" Freestyle

Message to Fabalous or this new Loso character he's created - Please just give us one retail album or a mixtape of this type of heat...

Rassy + Heatmakerz = Finally Ras gets the perfect compliment to his sharp lyrics. Short but sweet...

Obie Trice - "Cry Now"

Seemingly addressing the gunshots he took in recent months, Obie comes off with a vengance over a blaring bassline...

A slew of singles...far too many to list or even mention. Quite a bit of quality shit.

Respect due to 4Wrestling & the Co-D DENEIRE

5.24 singles

Stray shots

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne-Dedication 2


Dj Clue & Gravy- Who Shot Mayor Goonberg(Politics as Usual)-2006

SCRAM J.O.N.E.S - The Mixtape

dj Absolut And Rick Ross-pay Per View Pt.3



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