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"We Call That Cocaine Rice...."

"...I got that Condelezza"

You know me.

You know I'm not a fan of the hype behind Lil Wayne.

Read that again.

I didn't say that I hate Weezy at all.

Personal preferences here...

I don't buy into persona but that's my bone to pick.

And I have tremendous respect for what Cash Money did as a crew and as a label.

I'm in awe of the fact that he's got either...

A.) some good as drugs B.) a high tolerance for pain or C.) one helluva artist... get tats on his eyelids.

I just don't think Wayne rips every single track as cats like to say that he does.

He's more like one out of every seven songs to me.

Fortunately, this is one of those cases....

"...the new drop Bentley look like pussy in the summer
so I'm fuckin that, huggin that
block like I'm lovin that
never sell a crumb where my mother at..."

Oh yeah...Juelz does fine on this track. He comes strong lyrically which is something he's been slacking on recently.

"I feel your pain, and I see your stress
How they think your people 'posed to get through Katrina off a FEMA check?
...Coke in the Pyrex
Dope in the ice, yes
Mind on the highway
Road signs: right, left
And that's the mind state of kids growing up
Still they wonder why the crime rate's going up
Throw it up...
...and I'm still gettin paper back in rubberbands
I still got paper bags comin in
I still got that matress with the paper bags under it
comic books, Playboy, baby mag under it, still...
I still got ties with those guys that don't speak no English
Those vatos, they got those cheapest
Got no green cards, got no visas
And got those Pablo features
They drop off and pick up
I pick up the drop off
And drop off what's picked up
And then what? I get it"

Maybe Santana needs somebody to force him to bring his A-game, somebody to check him like Bruce Bowen and that crackhead defense.

Nice pairing on this track indeed...

So while I get behind on my mixtape listening, I accept my late pass for loving this...

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - "i can't feel my face"

We posted this a while ago and I loved it then.

The more I listen to it now though, the more infectious it's become.

It's got summer written all over it...infectious synth, chorus that's easily repeatable, and quality verses from all three artists...

Ray Cash Scarface & Jay-z - "Bumpin My Music" (Remix)

If that lineup doesn't work for you, try this lineup...

Ray Cash feat. Pimp C, Project Pat & T.I. -Bumpin' My Music (Remix)

Some things are bound to happen...

The sun keeps rising and setting.

Death is certain.

And The Roots will continue to evolve and eclipse whatever they sounded like the last time out...

Boom-bap beat, nice, classic breakdown towards the end to let the rapper rap & shine, lyrical content...yeah, shit keeps spinnin.

The Roots - "don't feel right"

This track has been on rotation throughout the South for months now but for me it got lost in the middle of all the snap & crunk shit ATL and the radio overbear our ears with...

Same premise - catchy hook, a rumbling beat plus a nice little dance to go ahead and make it official. It's not something you can push in the car more than three or four times without hating it...but in the club, it's official...and taken in moderation, it's definitely listenable.

Plus I like to see bighead TIP hop out the car at the beginning of the video & try to dance throughout...hell, even I can shoulder lean and still look cool without bustin' a sweat.

Get this video and more at

Here's some more singles, all courtesy of DENEIRE, to help you out in your quest to find the next summer banger...

Rick Ross feat Dre - Rap Star (Produced by Cool N Dre)

Yung Joc ft Ying Yang Twins - God Damn

Fergie (of The Black Eyed Peas)- Won't Let You Fall

Rick Ross - I'm Bad (dirty)

Remy Ma - Everday I'm Fuckin Him (Full) dirty

DJ Khaled feat. Trick Daddy & Rick Ross & Pitbull - Born N Raised

Rick Ross feat Dirtbag - Dont Push Me (Produced by Cool & Dre)

Ice Cube feat. WC & Money Grip - Chrome & Paint [Remix]

Rick Ross - Listen (Produced. By Kanye West)

Ice Cube - Go to Church Feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Jon (Prod. by Lil Jon)

Busta Rhymes feat. Nas - Rough Around The Edges

Drag-On - Try Me (prod. by Swizz Beatz)

Jim Jones-We Fly High [1st Single Off Summer Was Fun]

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