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"Monster's Inc."

To all my bloggers & blog family,

We're currently looking for two to three dedicated, knowledgable, work-for-free, create one or two posts per week type future literary geniuses....shit you don't even have to be a literary genius (look at me).

You just have to 1.) want to write & have your own thoughts 2.) love hip-hop or music in general and 3.) the drive to help us keep up the pace of posting daily...

Is that you?

Get at us!

This beats you starting up your own little crummy blog that only gets 100 visitors per day. Fuck being nice about this shit...cats steadily emailing like "yo I started up my own thing because of you"...bullshit.

Bring your work & ideas here, get noticed & an established readership...we've done the dirty work of gettin it off the ground so you don't have to. Help keep the movement moving.

See I got visions of a "Blog Commission" a la Biggie...e-Cosa Nostra to the fullest, where several strong writers come together & take over the that mainstream entities are trying to get in, it's either move or get moved on & rolled over. And we grassroots commonfolk can do it much better than the corporate let's do it.

Get at us.

Your friend,


Jack of Spades
has to be Dally's brother.

Or at least his cousin.

They will now simply be referred to as Monster's Inc.

Jack shot me an email that said "Since I love you guys so much, thought I'd contribute a little with a 'little' Wu & Fam"

Turns out, "a little" is a subjective term. Very subjective.

What follows is a lot of Wu that we'll try to break down over the next few days as to not overwhelm you...

No reups homie.

You motherfuckers were too cheap to cop us harddrives so ain't no way, even amongst us, that we could save all this (Big up to Great Scott though! Appreciate that my dude). Get it while it's hot.

Props to Jack of Spades...

Wu-Symphony, Part One, The Presequel

Killah Priest-Heavy Mental

Royal Fam-Black Castle(Advanced)

Gravediggaz - Niggarmortis

Gravediggaz- The Pick The Sickel the Shovel

Timbo King(of Royal Fam)-The Upgraded Edition

Gza-Words From The Genius

Killarmy-Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

Myalanksky & Joe_Mafia-Wu_Syndicate

Killah Priest-Black August Revisited

Shabazz The Disciple(Formally Of Sunz Of Man)-The Book Of Shabazz:The Hidden Scrolls

Killarmy-Dirty Weaponry

Joe Mafia(of Wu Syndicate)-This One

Wu Tang-Demo Tape(1991)

Masta Killa-Masta Killa Exclusives

Wu Tang-Forever

ODB-The Return To The 36 Chambers:The Dirty Version

Method Man - Tical 0 (The Prequel)

Method Man - Tical

Gza-Legend Of The Liquid Sword

GZA - Beneath the Surface

Ghostface Killah-Ironman

Ghostface Killah-The Pretty Toney Album

Wu Tang Clan-Iron Flag

Cappadonna-The Pillage

Inspectah Deck-Uncontrolled Substance

Raekwon-Lex Diamond Story

Rza-Digital Bullet

Royal Fam-Years,Months,Dayz

Wu Tang-The W

ODB-Nigga Please

Ghostface Killah & Trife Da God-Put It On The Line

Rza-Bobby Digital In Stereo

Rza-Birth Of A Prince

Bobby Digital Presents Northstar

Think Differently Music Presents: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture

Sunz Of Man-The Last Shall Be First

Wu-Symphony Vol. 1 Downloadable Text File

Wu-Symphony Vol. 1 Changelink Page

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