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Miss me with Kay Slay right now.

1. Dude screams to much & has too many soundeffects going on, straight ruining songs or at least disturbing the opportunity to hear them.

2. After you hear the first four to eight songs, the rest is usually filler.

You could substitute just about any major DJ's name in & say the same thing. Personal preference maybe...I dunno.

Only heavyweight DJ who's still doing aiight by me is Clue, but son done switched his steez to only dropping one tape quarterly. Other than that, I prefer to make my own cds to listen & ride to at this point.

Right now, I want to hear DJ's who actually deejay...imagine that.

Enter the "Music Messenger", DJ Jamad, one of six DJ's reppin The Aphilliates (Drama's crew) and his Afromentals Mixtape, Volume 22...

Instead of relying on the exclusive, he works with proper placement of songs & sequencing + blending in some of his own beats.

The final product is muy bonito as he has the widest mix & variety of styles that all seem to go. Jamad manages to make artists and songs sound new, also mixing in some diamonds in the rough that might otherwise be overlooked if they stood alone.

Well worth a listen...


ONCE UPON A TIME, Arsenio Hall was more than just Simi off Coming To America & a sidekick to Eddie Murhpy.

He had a show that was groundbreaking and entertaining.

The show gave a new open door to hip-hop artists and this performance is a "who's who" of hip-hop from years before.

Respect the architects...

WITH THE REMOVAL OF THE COMMENTS BOX, some of you are still looking for ways to converse & share independently.

Might we suggest that you take the time to join either Last.FM Forum or Myspace Group, as we have active but seldom used forums on both sites. Honestly & personally, while I loved the sharing that went on in the comments box, I was tired of all the requests & whining that goes on there. My man put it so eloquently & accurately "The chat box was a place for people to bitch and one is really gonna miss it except the bitchers and moaners...everyone else will leave a comment"...a cross-section of the crew agreed. So with that said, we're gonna roll with this layout for a sec, minus the comments box.

If you want to comment, we encourage you to. If you want to join the forums to babble & bullshit, we invite that as well.

Go "Rock The Vote With DJ Neil Armstrong" and show him our support!

Free Cookiehead. Bring back SMC.

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