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The Ten Chickenhead Commandments...

Compiled by Retro, Gotty™, Big Fame One & PrurientSole...

Please note, these are not the end-all of how you should handle certain types of females. Just a general guide presented by a few of us based of experiences. No chickenheads were harmed during the creation of this list.

1. Never let them hoes stay the night...period.

2. If you go to her house, never let her drive. Always have an out if you gotta be out.

3. Wrap it up, chicks these days want babies, or at least thats what I have learned watching Maury and his "My teenage daughter is outta control shit". I don't even want to get into what I learn watching the damn "Are one of these 14 dudes my babies daddy?" shows.

4. No cellie number for her, especially if you got a girl. *67 is your friend.

5. While we're mentioning phones, ALWAYS remember, after making a phone call, to pick the phone back up and hit a number, don't let a B chick fuck you up with an A chick on some redial shit.

6. Make sure mansuace is disposed of properly, chicks have been known to keep it in their mouth for later use, and pull a turkey baster out for use with a disposed condom. Throw a little tabasco in the condom before tossing it (you'll know if she tries to be shady) or flush it, hell it ain't your toilet right?

7. Never leave'em alone in your room/crib. Not even for a few seconds, cause chances are something WILL go missing or will be snooped thru. This rule shall apply to ladies & smutbuckets. Women by nature are curious creatures.

8. After sex, if she's talking about stuff she needs to do regarding money (ie. "i need to go to the beauty shop/get my nails done/go gorcery shopping"), that's her subtle way of telling you that she's a hooker. Take yourself to the clinic asap cuz chances are that bitch burned you.

9. If you fuckin a girl your age who's grandma is younger than your moms, she's from a long line of chickenheads

10. If she turns into a stage five clinger, four words should cure her...





... follow that up with "So be on the look-out down there."

She'll stop talking with you, and she can't blab to her co-workers/friends that y'all messed around because she doesn't want it being revealed that she "has" genital warts.

It seems as if Cam is still trying to get @ Jay with his latest diss (click to listen), but it looks as if his ploy isn't working judging by his Soundscan numbers this week.

Note to Cam - I'm not a Jay-rider, but just stop throwing rocks @ the's entertaining but far from effective it seems.

stray shots

Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang [Disc 2]The Lost Tracks

Lil Keke Feat. Paul Wall & UGK - Chunk Up the Duece-(Promo_CDS)

Webbie Feat. Juelz Santana - Like Whoa

Akon - Gangsta Bop

Lumidee & Fatman Scoop - Dance

Royce Da 5'9 - Ding (R.I.P Proof)(Prod. By. Dj Premier)

Lil Wayne ft.Bobby Valentino - Grownman [Remix]

DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks - Money In The Bank Pt.4 (Extended Edition)

Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang [Bonus Tracks]

Pharcyde - Labcabin Remixes & B-Sides

Will Downing - Invitation Only

Faith Evans-Speak to my Heart


Anthony Hamilton- Ain't Nobody Worryin'

CeCe Peniston - Finally

Mint Condition- The Collection 1991-1998

Calvin Richardson 2:35 PM

VA - Def Jazz (2005)

Bobby Womack - The Preacher

Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat:1980-1985

Thom Yorke - The Eraser

Slick Rick - The Art Of Storytelling

Justus League May Mixtape 2006

Large Professor - Beatz Vol.1

Brand Nubian - The Very Best Of Brand Nubian

Dilla Samples pt.1

Dilla Samples pt.2

Eric Clapton - Ballads (2003)

Eric Clapton- Unplugged (1992)

Eric Clapton & B.B.King - Riding With The King (2000)

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